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Feeling plugged in yet tuned out?

Know there's more but not sure what?

Want to SHINE but not sure how to?

I think you’ll agree when I say that at times it feels really challenging to even know what happy, authentic and fulfilled, looks or feels like, or even is.

Let me bring YOU home to YOURself - Take one of my courses, buy my book or attend a seminar - Each designed to illuminate your authenticity, inspire your next step and ignite your spark so you can live a happy and fulfilling life - YOUR best life!

Knowing who you are, being true to who you are, and doing work that works for you, are GIANT steps towards living a happy, authentic and fulfilled life… a life you LOVE. 

I can help you create ways to live your best life as your best self.

Work with me and let's get YOU glowing!

Scroll down for more information on what's on offer.




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Work with Me:

I offer seminars, workshops, events, individual and business consultations by negotiation.

Please contact me to discuss your requirements further. 

These comments were posted on Facebook after a recent workshop event.

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And from a ‘private’ session

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7 Day Happiness Challenge

Gina’s 7 Day Happiness Challenge is a free mini-course packaged in a series of daily emails which provide daily tasks and engagement to get you actively igniting your habits of happiness.

The 7 day Happiness Challenge encourages you to become a "Happiness Scientist", experimenting in YOUR "life laboratory", making small, but delicious changes, that can and will enhance YOUR happiness levels.

Please note: Gina’s FREE 7 Day Happiness Challenge is returning soon... Keep an eye out for its arrival!

What's Your Happy? Quiz...

is Coming soon... 


Happiness High Tea

'Happiness High Tea' is our major 'for purpose' event for the year. An afternoon tea with a difference, featuring speakers and entertainment and raising funds for small charities making a big difference in the happiness of the planet. It is an afternoon of inspiration not to be missed.


It is also one way we give back. If you know of a cause you'd like us to consider supporting, please let us know who you represent and why we should support it.

Our dream team panel of Considerators will let you know if you're a successful contender and what that will mean.

We hope you will join us to help facilitate our ideas in the world and spread a little JOY and LOVE.