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Corporate Workshops:

I offer strengths based wellbeing workshops across a range of subject areas including

·      Authenticity

·      Communication

·      Engagement

·      Happiness

These workshops are centred around self-empowerment through exploration of character strengths to help your team members flourish interpersonally, intrapersonally and collectively. The benefits are more effective communication, leading authentically, collective workplace happiness and an increased sense of value as individuals and employees.

How might these strengths based workshops benefit your business? Research shows work engagement increases an average of 74% when employees have the opportunity to engage their strengths at work; productivity increases an average of 31% when individuals are aware of their strengths; and effectiveness at work increases 12% when employees are aware of the strengths of their colleagues (High5).

looking for clarity?

Want more happiness?

Searching for something more?

Unable to connect & wondering why it’s just not working for you?

As humans, we need to be able to connect with other humans, and in order to do that successfully, firstly we need to be able to connect with ourself, authentically, and to the heart of who we are.

YOU are on this planet for a reason and the planet needs YOU just to be YOU.

But who is the real YOU, the authentic YOU?

And how can you live a happy, joyful, fulfilled and meaningful life?

I know there are times when it feels really challenging to know who you are or what brings you joy, or even what authentic, happy and/or fulfilled, looks or feels like, or even is.

I also know that knowing who you are, being true to who you are, and doing work that works for you, are GIANT steps towards living a happy, authentic and fulfilled life… a life you LOVE, a life that feels like you.

How do I know? This is my journey too. I’ve researched others who are on a similar journey, I’ve witnessed many at varying stages as they journey searching and seeking something more and I’ve created, designed and taught ways to navigate the journey home to self.

I felt ‘plugged in yet tuned out’ I knew something had to shift to allow a different energy to be able to flow.

Using my experience, awareness, knowledge, strengths, skills and genuine love of educating and growing people, I can help you to come ‘home’ to yourself.

For us all there is soul guidance available and a hero’s journey to follow, if we open our mind and hearts to seek it. Learning to live courageously, authentically to seek what your heart desires, to find and follow your joy and be more of the real you, are great platforms, and can lead you to a way of being I call You-phoria.

Why do I do this kind of work? It makes my heart sing when my students/clients/customers unveil who they uniquely are, when they see their authentic value, contribution and worthiness in the world, and can shine a light on their divine spark of offering, the offering that makes them authentically them.

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My Offerings…

  • Courses

  • Destination Point Mapping sessions

  • speaking engagements

  • individual consultations

  • Corporate consultations

  • workshops


let’s get YOU glowing!

Illuminate your authenticity, inspire your next move and ignite your spark so you can live a happy and fulfilling life - YOUR best life! 

Work with me and let's make it happen

If any of this resonates with you, then reach out and let’s chat - obligation free.


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7 Day Happiness Challenge

Gina’s 7 Day Happiness Challenge is a free mini-course packaged in a series of daily emails which provide daily tasks and engagement to get you actively igniting your habits of happiness.

The 7 day Happiness Challenge encourages you to become a "Happiness Scientist", experimenting in YOUR "life laboratory", making small, but delicious changes, that can and will enhance YOUR happiness levels.

Please note: Gina’s FREE 7 Day Happiness Challenge is returning soon... Keep an eye out for its arrival!

What's Your Happy? Quiz...

is on its way... 


Happiness High Tea

'Happiness High Tea' is our major 'for purpose' event for the year. An afternoon tea with a difference, featuring speakers and entertainment and raising funds for small charities making a big difference in the happiness of the planet. It is an afternoon of inspiration not to be missed.


It is also one way we give back. If you know of a cause you'd like us to consider supporting, please let us know who you represent and why we should support it.

Our dream team panel of Considerators will be in touch accordingly.

We hope you will join us to help facilitate our ideas in the world and spread a little JOY and LOVE.