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'TAOLA' COurse

Through 'TAOLA' (The Art of Living Authentically course), Gina will teach you strategies and tools so YOU can live YOUR best life as YOUR best SELF!

Getting to know who YOU are and how that affects what YOU do, is YOUR key to success.

Using a variety of creative processes as a platform, Gina will show you ways to lead a fulfilling life, a life that is wholehearted, authentic and congruent. You will discover clarity, courage and confidence through the 8 weekly modules.

This is a course that helps to solve problems you haven't been able to break past before.

You'll reveal the essence of who you are, what is holding you back from being true to who you are, doing work that works for you and living a life you love. You will identify ways to move beyond where you are currently stuck.

The following comments are from Rae who took TAOLA in 2018.

“I found the TAOLA course incredibly valuable. I loved learning about myself - what motivates me and what my strengths are. Learning what those are specifically for me helps me to understand why I do what I do and why some things really matter to me - but not necessarily to others.

This has allowed me to see my magnificence and recognise when I am living it.”

If you're ready to get to next level in your life, and do the work, then TAOLA, the art of living authentically is for you.

“The numerous tools along the way gave me support when I needed it and continue to do so. It is a wonderful gift to feel empowered to be true to who I am, to do what works for me and to love living my life.

TAOLA has given me that gift.”

Jump in early and secure your spot in the one-on-one teaching sessions with Gina.

“Working closely with Gina plugging into her weekly feedback sessions has been very rewarding. It made me accountable which at times was challenging, but as they say, the bigger the challenge the bigger the reward. it was great to get her feedback on what I had done that week and I gained more understanding because of that.”

It’s an amazing course where you open and discover the connections between your head and heart exploring your creativity and challenging concepts to unveil the YOU of YOU.

What are you waiting for? Honour yourself now! Take the leap and shine!

“The TAOLA course gave me the confidence to live my life more authentically.”

TAOLA is coming soon!

Comments from previous people I've worked with: