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I love to paint and as a Visual Art Lecturer for many years, painting has been an inherent part of my creative explorations - both as an artist and as an educator.

Recently however, I’ve realised that I need to clear some space, so I’ve decided to have a painting sale. This is kind of a BIG decision for me as I love all of my paintings and parting with them is like parting with a piece of myself. Each one has a strong resonance and special meaning and relates to something significant for me.

To give you a further understanding here, the last time I held a solo exhibition was in 1999 at the The Arts Centre of Christchurch, New Zealand! Wow - that’s 20 years ago! In 2003, I did have an exhibition of several small works, and then for a time when I was completing my Master’s degree, I moved away from painting and into documentary making creating Project Happiness: The Lived Experience in 2010. I returned to painting with gusto in 2014 with my ‘Soul’ painting and re-fired up again!

I paint intuitively, which for me means I connect and respond directly to my source energy and energetic vibration at the time of painting. Energetic vibrations fluctuate, depending on emotions and events that have/are happening, and these are what I paint. I use my artworks throughout all of my work, always linking the meanings to connect the threads and deeper significance of the artwork.

My artworks are never finished until they are signed and can sometimes sit in my studio for several years after they are begun, until I pull them out, rework them, and only when they are finished do I sign them to acknowledge their completion. I then like to hang them down the ‘spine’ of our home! The ‘spine’ is pretty full at the moment and with new paintings still being produced, the time has come for some shifting to happen!

In my experience, I have found that different paintings resonate with different people. If you feel a connection to a specific artwork when you look at it or read the meaning, then I invite you to explore your interest further and take this opportunity to purchase a piece for yourself. They act as an uplift and positive transformation of energy - if you let them! I hope you love them!