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I believe you are your most powerful tool, and getting to know who you are and how that affects what you do, are keys to your success and happiness, keys to living your best life as your best self!
— Gina Haines
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My work…

  • Courses

  • Motivational tools

  • seminars

  • workshops

  • Destination Point Mapping

  • speaking engagements

  • individual / business consultations

My aim is to empower by focusing on authenticity, strengths, happiness and work to bring people home to themselves.
— Gina Haines

what's in it for you?

Imagine feeling, with clarity and confidence, the joy of knowing, accepting and loving who you authentically are, spending time every day doing things that work for you, and loving living a beautiful, abundant life. YOUR beautiful life!

Sound good? Well, I believe this place of overflowing inner joy and happiness is something we all seek. And the good news is, not only do I believe it’s possible for each of us, but you are in the right place to find it! So go YOU rock star! 

Unveiling your authentic self, falling in love with who you really are and turning your unique brand of magnificence into your keys to success, are tools I offer to ultimately bring you home to your authentic self.

Happiness, joy and love are high vibrational energies that attract abundance. If you want more abundance in your life, then these great platforms to spring from!

Join me and together we can unleash your power of presence to unlock your place of overflowing inner joy, happiness and love.

Happiness is optional. Where to start? How about the here and now? Sound too hard? Well, ask yourself : If not now, then when? This is your journey - your life. Every journey is an adventure, full of opportunities and possibilities and experiences. Every journey has the potential to be exciting, challenging, eventful, tiring, chaotic, unpredictable, and so much more. So does your life, if you want it to. You choose. Best YOU = Best Life = You-phoria.
— Gina Haines

Work with Gina

Gina offers a range of courses & products to teach you the Art of Living Happy. Gina's work is strengths based and is about connecting with who you authentically are, finding work that works for you and loving living the life you lead.

Gina Haines TV

Through GinaHainesTV, Gina interviews people who love their work, to unveil the mysteries of work happiness. She illuminates their work happiness, to inspire and ignite you to reflect on your own life and work happiness.

Gina's Blog

Through her blog Gina considers happiness, work, strengths, self-love and more. She explores how to seek your heart's desires, and ways to design a life you love, to live in a way that works for you.