Tweaking your aims


What are you aiming for when you wake up and face your day?

Are you aiming for perfect?

Are you aiming for worthy?

Are you aiming for truth?

Maybe you’re aiming to be on time? 

What are you aiming for?

And… How are you faring on delivering what you’re aiming for? Is it constant target practise for an ever-elusive hit on the bulls-eye of life - or are you nailing it?

Nailing it feels good, right? Well, nailing it is easier than you might think it is. If you find yourself falling short of your aim, then tweak the way you’re lining up to the goal posts or the metaphorical dartboard of life a little bit.

Eg. If perfect is the aim of your day - tweak your perspective to optimal. It may feel just like a tiny shift - but it works! From perfect to optimal… 

If worthy is the aim of the day and you are falling short, then tweak worthy to good enough. From worthy to good enough... Feel the difference?

Unworthiness, like perfection, is a learned behaviour often associated with our belief systems. Many of the things we aim for can make us feel ‘less than’. Being willing to want to review yourself is the starting point for change and self-love.

My tweak on worthiness is… I believe you will always be good enough as long as you do your best with whatever you have ‘on board’ right now. And just saying… you were born worthy. Babies are worthy of being fed or cuddled, they don’t need to feel it - they just want it. I also believe you are already a perfect, whole and complete divine spark of the Universe, and when you can see and live your authentic value, you will come home to yourself and your light will shine brightly. Being human can be challenging and I am in this Earth game too, with curveballs and aims that require tweaking! I like to meet my aims…it just feels good… So tweak!!! When you ‘nail’ the aim you’re seeking it’s like giving yourself a BIG hug and an aaaahhhh that’s whispered gently into your ear on a breeze…

“Perception becomes your reality. What we perceive, we believe… Only by changing your perspective and perception will your reality shift.” You-phoria: The Art of Authenticity (p.27)

This week I invite you to try tweaking… just do it and see what happens!

Have a wonderful week,

Loads of love Gxxx

PS. I love hearing from you so let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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