150 celebratory things I'm grateful for


We all have things going on in our lives that just happen and we seemingly forget about. I’m not talking here about the times we’ve been called out or shamed or whatever else we bury deep inside as our shadows within… I’m talking about the ‘good things’ - things to be celebrated that just get overlooked somehow. Why forget them? Why not raise them up and celebrate them with gratitude by giving them some shine-time? I forget to notice the gifts I receive that don’t even feel like gifts because they are not wrapped up and arrive on my birthday! I mean what??? - these gifts just happen as part of my living and as such deserve to be illuminated.

Reflecting on what I’m grateful for, what brings me joy and what makes my heart sing are the focus in this week’s blog. These are my celebratory things! My invitation is for you to consider the good things in your life that happen ‘just because’ and grab a cuppa and find a comfy spot and write a list of 150 things you’re grateful for and can celebrate in your life.

Happy writing and loads of love to you as you consider what’s important to and for you xxx

Here’s mine as an indicator - you might love it or not…  but this is my list…

150 celebratory things I’m grateful for - the things I love (AND in no particular order…)

1.     The sun & the moon

2.     Seeing the sunshine in the morning when the curtains open

3.     Feeling the sun’s warmth on my body

4.     Listening to, seeing, feeling and touching the wind

5.     My drive and insatiable curiosity and interest in life and living!

6.     Expertise, wisdom and perspective

7.     Tasting the wind and the sea spray

8.     Being on the sea in a boat

9.     Sitting next to the ocean on my favourite sea-seat

10. Smelling toast cooking

11. Smelling babies heads

12. Marvelling at babies wee feet

13. Smelling fragrances that I love

14. Wearing clothes that I feel fabulous in

15. Watching children play

16. Hearing moving stories

17. Seeing love

18. Playing ball with Boz

19. Feeling the frosty grass beneath my feet on a frosty morning

20. Loving my family

21. Watching fantails flit in the garden

22. Bees making honey

23. Flowers in bloom

24. Flowers in a vase

25. Sneezing

26. Meditating

27. Drinking wine in the sunshine (or in the dark)

28. Cloud watching

29. Hanging out with friends

30. Swimming in the nude

31. Having a massage

32. Looking at my artworks

33. Admiring my sculptures

34. My sense of humour and ability to see the funny side of things

35. Telling stories and joking about

36. Entertaining

37. Cooking dinners that taste fabulous

38. Folding the washing

39. Walking down a beach and checking out the sand prints

40. Eating Vanilla Ice ice-cream with thick raspberry sauce and cream in a cup

41. Holding the space for others and having the space held for me too

42. Colours

43. Being kissed & kissing

44. Planting out areas in the garden

45. Having a tidy garden

46. Brushing my hair

47. Having my hair brushed

48. Washing my hair

49. Finishing a job well

50. Swimming in the ocean and floating like a ‘starfish angel’

51. The metamorphoses of butterflies - especially Monarchs

52. Sending love through conscious thoughts

53. Spreading out in the bed like a starfish

54. Talking with my friends ‘School of Athens’ style

55. Playing on swings

56. Cuddling & being cuddled

57. Smelling freshly cooked bread

58. Eating fresh bread with cheese

59. Being able to see, smell, taste, hear and touch

60. Eating Yogi-Bear gelato

61. Eating coconut ice-cream

62. Eating anything coconut!

63. Touching my toes

64. My body

65. Dancing - I LOVE dancing - especially Nia!

66. Being playful

67. Wearing my sunglasses

68. Driving my car - especially with the roof down

69. Painting - especially with my fingers

70. Playing music I love - loudly

71. Dancing around the kitchen to loud music playing

72. My kitchen and the lights in the drawers

73. Hearing and watching Mum play the piano

74. Singing - especially car karaoke

75. People watching

76. Not having to be anywhere

77. Freedom

78. Fun

79. Travelling

80. Life as it is right NOW!

81. Flirting and being cheeky

82. Teaching and sharing knowledge

83. Hanging with H. and being hip n cool!

84. Oh - did I say… Being me?

85. Being loved and loving

86. Eating tasty cheese and crackers

87. Talking about life and living

88. Being able to be present for my family

89. Having alone time

90. Watching baby B. make things in the kitchen

91. Knowing my children are really good people

92. Working with baby B.

93. Watching big B. tie a load down on the trailer

94. Being in nature

95. Teasing

96. Laughing with friends so much that I cry

97. Being pampered

98. Random acts of kindness

99. My morning cup of tea delivery ;)

100.  Lovely neighbours

101.  Watching our cows frolic

102. Watching new born lambs jumping over ‘nothing’

103.  Receiving

104.  Learning new things

105.  Being open to whatever’s coming next

106.  Hot showers and beautiful clean water

107.  Room to breathe fresh air

108.  Blossoms on trees

109.  Daffodils in springtime

110.  Seasons

111. Breathing in and breathing out

112.  My Jewellery - especially the pieces with meaning

113.  Ayala Bar earrings

114.  Moochi clothes

115.  Head over Heels shoes

116.  Scarves

117.  My Soul Design necklaces and portal ring

118.  Soaping my body with Clarins mousse in the shower

119.  My friends

120.  My teachers

121.  Money and the freedom it brings

122.  Beauty and the divinity it brings

123.  Excellence and the satisfaction it brings

124.  Perseverance, determination and completing a task as a result of applying them

125.  Happiness and feeling good in my skin

126.  Perspective - that everything happens for a reason - everything!

127.  Kindness and understanding - my grandfather Jim’s greatest words in the English Language

128.  Creativity - and the passion, joy and satisfaction that comes with creating

129.  Resilience - the strength to get back up and keep going - through adversity and trials

130.  Curiosity - my insatiable ‘nosey-parker’ interest in everyone else and in me and why I do what I do!

131.  Love - the elixir of life!

132.  Joy - top vibration and wooohoooo stuff

133.  Playing with clay

134.  Lying on the floor next to Boz in the sun

135.  Getting loose

136.  Trust that life and the Universe will happen as planned in the BIGGER picture of things

137.  Freshly mown lawns - the smell and the look!

138.  Bran muffins with butter

139.  Tomatoes & Gran’s tomato relish

140.  Real Chai tea

141.  Coffee

142.  Coconut flat white in a tulip cup

143.  My Magnolia tree in bloom (pictured above)

144.  Clean teeth

145.  When my house is clean and tidy

146.  Being me!

147.  Being alive

148.  Being authentically true to myself

149.  Doing work that works for me

150.  Loving who I am as I am right NOW!

OMG I could just keep on going and going but I will stop here at 150!

Now it’s your turn! What are you grateful for, what brings you joy and what makes your heart sing??? I’d love to hear how you go in the comments below.

Have a wonderful week. Loads of love Gxxx

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