Clammy hand moments...


When you’re confronted by fears, how you deal with them is more important than what causes them. Let’s face it - things happen and fear ‘buttons’ get pushed, and once they do it’s the ‘working through the clammy hand moments’ that takes you to solutions...

Yesterday I was playing with the pixel on my Facebook page, resetting and customising bits on it etc. I am not a Facebook pixel ninja and these kinds of ‘techie’ things can freak me right out! Let me tell you why… A few years ago, I created a Facebook ad, where for every click I thought it was going to cost me 1 cent, and the reach was 7 million people… which potentially adds up to a significant amount of money!!! I have to admit I absolutely freaked out as I imagined the worst and went straight into panic-mode! It resulted in a very strained and heated conversation with someone in Facebook’s ads department, who had no idea why I was so stressed and remained frustratingly calm throughout the ordeal… Eventually, I got it sorted and I’ve since recovered from that incident - just! I’m hoping you can imagine the amount of energy that was expended over this clammy hand moment! It was BIG!

After that incident, it took me quite a long time to get to a point where I could tackle the thought of creating a Facebook ad again. I allowed the fear of my clammy hand moment memory to hold me back. I knew I had to overcome my Facebook ad fears in order to advertise using Facebook, and I wanted to do this, but I was scared, so I avoided the risk of reencountering it. That is, until I made a plan and eventually overcame my fear by taking baby steps to learn the ins and outs, being patient with and forgiving of myself, and then just doing it. My reaction had been so extreme and the neuro imprinting so indelible, getting beyond both took a different round of BIG energy!

And all’s been well, until yesterday (again with Facebook) when I had another clammy hand moment!! I was pixel playing when suddenly I clicked something and lost all my ad data history! As mentioned, previously I’d have panicked and sought immediate help outside of my self, and I wanted to, but this time I played around first before I went beyond. I was perplexed and started investigating what I could have done to create what had happened. After several clicks around and about, I eventually recovered the data history and it’s now all back again. I have no idea what I did, nor where it went, but the Facebook ‘pixel gods’ were clearly looking after me today - and for that I am very grateful!

Remaining calm and working my way through the situation is my point here. Maybe it’s old age or wisdom, maybe it’s the work I did to face and overcome my Facebook ad fear triggers, or maybe I just couldn’t be bothered getting that uptight at that moment … I don’t know, but either way in this instance I noticed that I responded rather and reacted and rather than facing everything and running, I faced everything and rose. Even if there was some under my breath swearing, my energy remained more even. I remained calmer in the face of my fear and solutions came more quickly. In this instance my old fear patterning was triggered and instead of reacting, I responded with a more level head, calmer demeanor and far less clammy hands!

So now I’m curious, have you ever had a moment that’s triggered an old fear for you where you have been aware of yourself responding rather than reacting? Email me or leave a comment below.

Have fun this week, and if old fears are triggered, I invite you to challenge yourself to face everything and rise rather than face everything and run! xxG

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