Don’t stop me now I’m having such a good time…

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How to ditch procrastination and fear, and grow some confidence instead. This week I write about shining stars and who we are!

Last Friday night my husband asked me and our daughter if we wanted to come out to a bar and see a DJ/karaoke gig he was checking out for his work ‘do’ later in the year. I thought it might be fun and off we all went. I love singing - especially car-karaoke and I think I’m a bit of a Super-star/natural!

Now, I'm pretty confident but I realised my buttons were being pushed when this guy who was walking about the bar with a microphone was asking people on the spot to sing along with him. Eeekkkk! ...  I had an overwhelming feeling of dread that he would put me on the spot and ask me to sing... I had to take a toilet break to avoid him.

Look I'm not one to wall flower... but I like to manage when I do what I do. After considering the way I was feeling, I questioned what was going on for me. I realised I was feeling self-doubt and a bit scared! I thought about this and wondered how I’d feel if I left without having a go on stage singing and realised I’d be disappointed with myself for allowing my doubt and fear to get in my way. Fear of what I asked myself? Judgment I decided. Whose? I asked myself. My own if I didn’t get up there and do it! So, in my head and heart I decided I would sing. But then I procrastinated and couldn’t decide on what song I could sing… again the feeling of disappointment came over me as I sat there scrolling through the folders with vast list of songs available.

Eventually after checking out the lay of the land for a while, I slipped up to the stage (‘inviting’ my daughter along with me) and together we challenged ourselves, our fears and rocked on some confidence to karaoke up a storm! :) For about 4 minutes we starred as Freddie Mercury and sang our hearts out to Queen's song, "Don't stop me now I’m having such a good time..."  If I say so myself we rocked it!!!

This is not really a new thing for me - I always said I wanted to be a rock star but to be honest - that’s really a bit of tall-talk! I’ve done my fair share of ‘table-top’ singing in my time, but these days not so much!

Stepping up and working through a few of my fears led me to a lot of fun and laughter and pride. I felt good! I have to say it was awesomely satisfying and a great reminder that it's always time to step up and shine!

What can you do this week (big or small) to overcome fear and procrastination and step up and shine your heart out?

Let me know in the comments below - I’d love to know.

Have a wonderful week. Gxxx

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