Courage and heart go hand in hand


Lately there have been quite a few times when my courage reserves have been challenged and drained and I’ve had to do things I’d rather not. Which brings me to considering times when choosing between what I want to do and what I think I have to do, become acts of courage that are not always directly aligned to my authenticity. In saying that, I won’t compromise on who I am - I’d rather say nothing than do that… however, what I have observed myself doing less courageously than I like to admit to, is things for others that are not always in my best interests. Let’s be clear here I’m not talking about really bad things! I have not done anything really bad! Just things that later I question why I did it - like going out of my way to make something good for someone else when really I could have taken the time to nurture myself instead.

In my book You-phoria: The Art of Authenticity I wrote “Unless we have the courage to ask ourselves challenging questions (the kind that venture beyond the veneer, or the surface) and listen to the responses with openness, kind-heartedness, grace and understanding, our lives will be static.” p.70

Having the courage to ask challenging questions whatever the outcome might be, is as important as accepting the outcome and making the best of it. Accepting what I do as being the best I could do and make of the situation in hand, with what I had ‘on board’ at that moment, has always been something I’ve espoused.

Now I am being presented with the opportunity to remember to walk my talk! I also have the opportunity to do so with openness, kind-heartedness, grace and understanding, and a realisation that I don’t always behave in the moment as I wished I had - and that’s okay.

Reviewing why I did or didn’t say or do certain things takes courage as does accepting them, and that’s okay too.

So I ask you to consider this week…

If you had more courage, what would you start or stop doing now in each of these areas?

Physically, Emotionally, Intellectually, Spiritually

I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

Have a wonderfully courageous week. xxG

PS. Courage comes from the Latin word ‘cor’ which means heart. I took Latin at high school and whilst I didn’t come anywhere near to collecting the Latin prize for excellence, I did pick up some interesting skills and tips ;)  

PPS. Lots of heart is needed to be courageous.  Along with a willingness to confront fear and uncertainty!

If you want more, then check out my book You-phoria: The Art of Authenticity available through my website.

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