The other day as I read our local paper there was a large advertisement that caught my eye and resonated deeply.

In the article, the link between creativity and expressing one’s self, and the management of New Zealand’s “quiet crisis” (mental health issues), was made evident. This is a resonating ‘strike point’ for me!

The Arts have the power to ‘speak’ across all languages and cultures - and touch hearts too! I remember how I sat up in wonder the first heard Elliot Eisner saying “Art is the literacy of the heart”, and the relief I felt, that someone else thought along similar lines to me! I believe this to be truth.

Connecting to the heart of who you are through your creativity is a fabulous way to awaken your core essence. For me, this is often related to dance, music and the visual arts in particular.

Whilst creativity can be found in many places, it is brought forward and very much at home within the arts. The Arts have a long association with their power to heal. In my experience, as a former Visual Arts lecturer and ongoing practicing artist, I have witnessed first hand, how visual art enables communication, expression and healing. I have loved witnessing the awakening joy of students as they completed works they never thought they were capable of creating. I lost count of the number of times I’ve heard comments at the beginning of a course like, “I’m not creative. My sister got that gene…” Overcoming limiting beliefs such as this one, is just one aspect of how the arts can heal!

I grew up in an arts rich household. My Mum was a ballet teacher and an avid lover of music and I was surrounded by her creative expression, imagination and projects. My Dad was also creative - from a totally different viewpoint. He was a drainage and roading contractor and his creativity came in his vision to be able to see beyond the now, and solve problems as they arose with a clarity that continues to this day. They are both remarkable creators ;)

I believe we all have the capacity to create, to be creative and to grow more creativity.

So today I invite you to consider…

In what ways do you practice your creativity?

How could you increase this?

I’m off to create a painting - and to be remarkable! How about you? xx Gina

Gina HainesComment