Happiness 101.1


Who doesn’t want happiness?

Apparently the number one human goal is to be happy.

But have you ever stopped and considered what ‘happiness’ really looks like for you?

Is it a new car, or a bigger house, or a sunny day, or a singing dog, or healthy kids, or a new boat, or your own good health, or someone who loves you that you want to wake up next to every morning, or is it more money, or is it something else entirely?

Getting really clear on what you are seeking is one way of getting closer to having it! And… If the idea of knowing what you want draws a blank with you, then I bet you know what you don’t want. So, start there, as getting really clear on what you don’t want, can often give you more clarity on what you do want! Knowing what you want lets you know when you’ve reached your goal - if you don’t know what it is that you‘re looking for, how will you know when you get there? Until you get clear the mud swirls and murks the water.

According to Aristotle - and I’m a fan ;), there are 2 types of happiness. Eudaimonic and hedonic. Hedonic is the new car, the fancy house, the hot new lover, the things that sit outside of yourself… and eudaimonic is the internal things, like health, mindset, love, feelings, emotions, joy and so on.

Both have their places. Hedonic, however, is fleeting. Unquestionably, it’s fun and certainly has it’s place, but it’s not a laster. After the thrill wears off, it’s the what’s next? syndrome… Eudaimonic is more lasting - especially when you nail it! One way to nail it is to become aware of the heart of who you are - who you are at your core essence and then BE your true authentic self as often as you can.

How do you do this?

By unveiling the heart of who you are. This means becoming aware of your unique essence, your inspiration, your motivation, the things that bring you joy, happiness, gratitude, or make you laugh, cry, sing, scream; the things that dissipate or harness your energy, the things that move you to hate, to love, or the things that move you closer to the force that connects your unseen self to others and more importantly to your self - to the heart of who you are. The empowerment of that true self is from connecting to the unseen force of abundance within - to our own Super-power. We all have access to this force. It is called self-love.

Happiness is an inside job. And so is love :)

Here’s are 10 ‘hot tip’ questions for you to consider what eudaimonic happiness might look like for you: I suggest as you read each one, you allow yourself a moment to ‘listen’ to your initial response. Whatever it is - don’t judge it - just sit with it and feel it. It will probably be close to your heart’s reaction, as the difference between ‘hear’ and ‘heart’ is only one letter!!! Listen to feel!

  1. What inspires you?

  2. What motivates you?

  3. What brings you happiness?

  4. What brings you joy?

  5. What makes you laugh?

  6. What makes you cry?

  7. When do you sing? or scream?

  8. When do you feel scattered? Or totally together?

  9. When do you feel close to the Divine?

  10. When do you feel close to your true self - to the heart of who you are?

YOU are the resource, you are your Super-power, and if you want to live your best life then you need to focus on who you are and how that affects what you do, and what brings you joy and happiness. Get clear and get happy!

Why not make your week’s daily mantra “I choose to be happy” and see what happens as a result. You may be very surprised!

I’d love to hear some of your responses to the 10 questions in the comments below.

Have a happy week. xxxG

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