Gentle Reminders


Last night I lay awake in bed wondering and ruminating (eekkk!) about the day and the events that had taken place.

It was late and I was tired. I wanted to fall asleep, but instead was tossing and turning. Dozing off just wasn’t happening and the more focus I gave to not sleeping, the more elusive sleep became.

It was at about this point that I was reminded of my own teachings and of a blog I’d written a while ago about 3 simple steps to a great night’s sleep. As I remembered these steps I also focused on my breathing. Earlier that day I’d been researching breath-work, in particular Dr. Andrew Weil’s method of breathing in for four counts, holding for seven, and breathing out for eight. I find this extremely relaxing, soothing and harmonising and after breathing in this way and working through the 3 steps, these were the last things I remembered. Then I woke up this morning!

How delightful I thought as I connected into the morning! What a delicious sleep and how refreshing it is to awaken after sleeping like that. I was ready to spring out of bed and hit the deck running!

This is the kind of sleep I dream of!

I didn’t jump straight up though. In true Gina-style I self-reflected! What was different? Here’s what I unveiled…

I had shifted my focus away from what I actually wanted by focusing on what I didn’t want, thereby attracting exactly what I didn’t want straight into my presence! Talk about creating my own reality! ;) This is absolutely a text book case of The Law Of Attraction! - only my application was not benefitting me!

Honestly though, how often does this happen?

As I reflected more about this I realised that any kind of negative energy, focus or attention given to things that are not working, rather than placing the focus on what is working, attracts more of what’s not working in the first place. ie. The things you want to change but don’t know how to!

My takeaway message from my self-reflection today is an awakened awareness of the importance of focusing on what you want, and a sharp ‘kick up the backside’ reminder to actually do the things that I know to be beneficial - by remembering and incorporating them into my daily practice. And of course… that gentle reminders come in mysterious ways and in all shapes and sizes, and this gentle reminder was to walk my talk!

This is ruminating, but with a focus to illuminate… By applying a shift in focus ruminating is no longer something to be avoided but to be enlightened from!

So, focus on what you want - whether that’s in yourself, in a relationship, in an activity or outcome or...

I invite you to connect to what you are focusing on and giving energy to that you don’t want. Once you have that awareness then make a choice and take conscious action that supports you to get what you actually do want by shifting your perspective and focus.

I’d love to hear how you go or what shifts you start to unveil in the comments below.

Have a wonderful week focusing on getting what you want! Gx

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