Authenticity 101

The other night I taught a Law of Attraction workshop on authenticity and self-love. One of my parting lines to the participants was to make “I believe in myself” their daily mantra.

I told them they are the resource, and if they want to live their best life then they needed to develop their focus on self-love, and be true to who they are, do work that works for them and love living their life. For me, this happens most from a heart-centered space, one of wholeheartedness, a place where I feel ‘at home’ with myself.

One place I am in this space in is when I teach. From the moment I step in front of a group I love it. In this space I feel at home with myself. I am ME at my best and I love that. I can engage my cosmic twinkle and sparkle with delight. I can also ‘see’ the value in my students and love that watching ‘lights’ shine in my students’ eyes makes my heart sing :)

Becoming the curator of your own contentment means aspiring to your ideals and embracing who you are at your core essence.

All well and good, however, firstly you have to know who you are and what makes you your best you. To do this you need to take an inner journey and connect to your authenticity and to what you really want. Often times we become so caught up in our daily lives and so buried beneath the jobs to do, the bills to pay, the dinner to cook or whatever else we assign priority to, that we lose sight of our own inner fulfilment and ultimately our happiness.

Inner fulfilment begins with awareness and opening your self up to the light and love of who you authentically are.

I believe awareness is key and it is Step 1 in my 5 step process to Authentic Self-being and Happiness. Self-awareness lets me notice when I am and also when I am not working from that place of wholeheartedness and heart-centredness, my ‘home’ space, which is where I see the best of me. (Step 1 - Self-awareness) 

From this place of awareness I can gather knowledge and if I am off track I can reset myself to where I want to be. (Step 2 - Self-knowledge).

It is here at this point that I consider choice and action. I know I can be the catalyst for my own change if I choose to be and take action that will take me to where I aspire to be. (Step 3 - Choice/Action)

With action I can then move on to accept myself and others, for what I perceive I/they have done, and for what I/they have not done. This is a place of accepting, of gratitude, of forgiving, of understanding and of letting go. (Step 4 - Self-acceptance)

Which brings us to the final step - Self-love. This is the elixir and the resting place of Authentic Self-being and happiness. It is the place to honour your self as you are supposed to be and to allow the best version of yourself to exist in all your gloriousness. It is the home’ place of your authentic self. (Step 5 - Self-love)

How can you get started connecting to your authentic self?

Begin by asking yourself questions like…

What do you like to do? What brings you joy?

What makes your heart sing?

What resonates at a soul level?  

Once you are on the track and start to practise the art of authenticity by shining forth the song of your heart, being true to who you are and doing the things you love doing, you will become the sovereign of your self and come home to a place where you feel true to who you are, do work that works for you and love the life you live. You only live as this version of yourself once, so make it count.

I hope this gives you food for thought and you have a wonderful day xxG

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