YOU matter!


Sometimes when it feels like the world is in chaos, it is easy to forget to look within and take care of number 1. You matter, and even though helping others and sharing grace and love outwardly is a beautiful part of the human experience, sharing it internally is essential and helps to balance the flow of energy, prevent depletion or imbalance, and as an added bonus, gives that outward expression extra substance.

So, I invite you to clear some space for yourself, it could be five minutes or five hours and anything from having a bath, or dancing, or snuggling up with a good read, to a trip to the beach or a walk in nature. Take a moment to find your centre and shower yourself with healing love and light to refuel, recharge and rebalance your batteries.

Whatever you decide to do, do it just for you. Make it something that fills up your cup, something that brings you joy, something that makes you smile, from the inside out.

If you take your YOU time and still have time left over, please feel free to catch up on a relevant past Blog or GHTV episode. Here are some loving suggestions :)

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I hope you have a spectacular week. Please remember to share some of that beautiful love with yourself and remember that YOU MATTER.

Loads of love, Gina xx

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