What the world needs now is love, love, love


If you are reading this, you are one of the team, Team Human. As a team member, I want to honour us all, because on so many levels we have each been affected by what took place in Christchurch on March 15th.

I have noticed emotions within myself, and others, as we navigate our way through the recent events and what they have brought to surface. It is in the unpacking of our own navigation that we can reach our place of peace.

I’ve noticed shock, horror, sadness, confusion, fear, grief, hate, isolation, anger… I’ve also noticed courage, resilience, kindness, care, generosity, gratitude, compassion, patience, positivity, love… and I am heartened. I am heartened to see the masses of flowers and messages outside Mosques. I am heartened to hear of students from our Volunteer Student Army offering to walk Muslim students home after university lectures so they are not alone and to help alleviate feelings of fear. I am heartened by stories of people rallying together to support families and friends who are grieving and of financial contributions offered. I am heartened by my friend’s story as she was welcomed into a stranger’s nearby office to share tea, cake and kindness whist she waited for her children to be released from their school lockdown. I am heartened by my son’s story as he stopped outside a Mosque in Auckland and took a moment to consider what had happened, and as he pondered a lady walking past placed her hand on his arm in an extension of care and compassion. These are stories of human unity and of holistic recognition that we are all a part of the same team - Team Human.

So, what is our best way forward?

We need to practise love and make love our life practice.

Why love?

Love uplifts life and radiates a high frequency energy vibration.

Love has a healing effect worldwide.

Sharing love lifts the energetic vibrational frequency of the whole team.

So, what can we each do to make a loving difference every day as we move forward?

Starting with our self is the first place to make a difference. I invite you to consider your practice of love on Team Human.

Ask yourself “What can I do to share more love in the world today?” I’d also add joy and happiness in there too.

Know that what you do matters.

Look after yourselves, love yourselves and heal your heart. Share love and joy and do something kind for yourself and for others. We are in this together.

Have a wonderful day - and thank you. Arohanui xxxG

Gina Haines2 Comments