The Ageing Game & Mortality Motivation


When my Dad was in his twenties he was seriously ill and it was predicted he had only 7 hours to live. My mum often says that he’s only still here today, because he didn’t want to die then - mortality motivation must have kicked in. A couple of days ago we celebrated Dad’s 85th birthday. Imagine that! 85!!! Wow! Go Dad! As a 50+ person myself, I now see the age of 85 with a BIG congratulations attached to it. If I make 85 and am as quick witted, healthy and savvy as Dad is, I’ll be stoked!

Getting to certain ages comes with its own set of complexities! Whether it’s 20 or 30 or 40 or 50 or 60 or 70 or 80 or... there seems to be stigmas attached (mostly self-imposed) that can blemish the experience.

Throw in a bit of mortality motivation and before you know it, those stigmas can magically shift a dimension and transcend you to another zone - a zone of enhancement where you appreciate the gift of ageing in a whole other way.

When I was young, I was always trying to be older than I was… Old enough for the boys I dated not to think I was still at school. Old enough to not get kicked out of the pub. Old enough to seem older than I actually was.

I was a professional age pretender! I still am!

During a recent interview on GHTV, the person I was interviewing asked me my age. Instantly I slipped into my historical role of professional age pretender and responded “73”. She looked at me and said “WOOOOOWWWW - You look amazing! Are you really 73?” “Nope” I replied - laughing -  “I’m really 47!” Actually I’m neither. I was playing, and it’s a numbers game - right?

No - wrong! It’s more than a number’s game. It’s a game of life. Living is for now. Whatever your age number. Jokes aside, now is the age and stage you are. Really and truly.

When I was pre-20 and met someone who was 50+ (probably even 40+), I thought they were soooo old! I couldn’t imagine ever being that old. Now that I’m 50+ I see age as something quite different.

Old age is a privilege. A privilege that should not be taken for granted. (How we age is another story, for another time.) Today in the here and now however, my focus is on celebrating the day and the stage that we find ourselves in - regardless of the age in numbers that we are.

I mentioned stigmas we attach to different ages. We all have them. I no longer get asked for ID to buy alcohol, admiring looks go more often to my children, and pick up lines are further apart. The art of youthful playing begins to fade. But it doesn’t have to. There are other ways to play. Knowing our time on earth is finite enables the play to extend beyond the daily grind - if and when we remember that life is about living!

  • Can you believe you are the age you are?

  • As you age what are the stigmas you attach to your age? And why?

  • Do they serve you well, or could you afford to ditch them?

  • Have you had a reminder that your time on earth is not forever and has mortality motivation woken you up?

  • Are you still ‘awake’ or have you slipped back into what you said you wouldn’t do anymore?

Awareness is key to living life well! Remembering to BE true to who you are, to DO work that works for you and to LOVE living your life are keys to ageing well. If you want to enjoy your time on Planet Earth, then get in and get up - to living your best life as your best self!

Take a leaf out of my dad’s book and make each day count as a great one!

In joy,


Gina HainesComment