What's Your Purpose?


Several years ago when I was completing my Nia white belt intensive, The Art of Sensation, one of the sessions involved writing your life purpose. This wasn't a new thing for me, and as I completed the exercise I looked around and felt pretty pleased with myself (okay if I'm honest - smug!) I wrote out something that was pretty spectacular and when my turn in the circle came, I stood and read it out, feeling the glow of the ooohhhs and aaaahhhs from the other participants. I sat back down and felt like I'd nailed it! Then on the way home my inner Queen started a whisper that called me out, and for the first time since I'd come up with my spiel I was challenged - it didn’t have the same glee anymore, the shine had shifted and now it felt empty and held little meaning. It wasn't that it wasn't true, it just wasn't core or key - it was like the heart had slid out of it.

I remember thinking - eeeck - well, if that’s not my life purpose, then what is?

I wondered about this for the trip home, but a week of dancing is tiring and once I got home, made tea, had tea, showered, I went to bed and I didn’t really give it any more thought.

The next morning I woke up, got up and drowsily made my way to the kitchen to make a cup of tea. When I was waiting for the kettle to boil, I heard my inner Queen’s voice (aka my Higher Self) say out of the blue, “Your purpose is to bring people home to themselves”. First of all I argued with her - I said things like, Huh? Whatever! I can’t bring people anywhere… or make people do that… and home to themselves? Where even is that? And what does it mean? Bring them? From where? And so on and so forth… Then I heard the voice again this time saying, “Listen Gina” and then repeat the “your purpose is to bring people home to themselves” message again. Fuzzily I wrote it onto a piece of paper in case I forgot it or talked myself out of it so much I couldn’t remember it - on purpose. This was the beginning of the ‘bringing people home to themselves’ road for me and here I am… still travelling on it! Who ever would have thought?

I’m pleased that I did listen, and begin thinking more about this ‘dropped in’ idea, to develop it into where I am today. It wasn’t just here that I received this message though. It had been coming to me for a while. 

Coming home to myself began with an awareness that something was ‘skewed-off’ deep inside of me. I had a gnawing pull that just kept nagging at me to take steps to do something different.  I didn’t know then that this was what I could call it - it was just a feeling at that stage. I guess this is when I first began looking at authenticity and what it means to be authentic. I wondered if this was where I might find an answer to my seeking. Looking back I see this is where my journey home to myself began in earnest!

I am still travelling and taking others on the path with me. It’s a fabulous path paved with treasures - some hidden and others not so. At times it’s like ‘Aladdin’s cave’ and other times it’s like ‘the forest of despair’! Wherever we find ourselves that’s where we are and learning to make our way the best that we can is a part of our journey home. Bringing people home to themselves has become my purpose with a passion and will remain so until I get another message that wakes me into something else.

On p.4 in my book You-phoria: The Art of Authenticity, I wrote,

“I know I want to do something of value in my life, something I really care deeply about and I want to do it really well. I love working with people to show them their uniqueness and to encourage them to be more of themselves. I love to help them shine!”

So that’s what I do! I began and I continue and I celebrate successes and know that I am only limited by my imagination, courage and effort.

We each have a purpose here on Earth and we are all born to shine.

I believe it’s important to step up and into our selves and our love. I believe we do this by coming home to ourselves.

I ask you to consider,

Do you feel like you are at home with yourself?

Do you know who you are and what your purpose is?

If the idea of coming home to yourself sounds like something you want to know more about, then my course Monarch: Awakening your Sovereign Self may be just for you. It’s coming soon - keep your eyes peeled. 

Have a wonder-filled week, Gxxx

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