Dreams in Action

Often when I teach I’ll share a story and then invite my audience to relate and connect back. I find this often provides a segue for deeper and more relevant understanding and hope that’s what happens here too. Perhaps as you read you might like to consider your beliefs and dreams and how you follow them in your daily life.

There’s a certain vulnerability in posting beliefs and dreams so here are some of my dreams and how I follow through with them. I’d love to know what your dreams are and what resonates with you as you read on.

I love seeing and hearing people’s dreams and passions and following them as they turn into reality, and I love the idea that sharing this kind of joyfulness is vibrationally uplifting in the world.

I love being with people who know themselves well enough to know what they want and then follow through and find ways to create their dreams in reality. Hearing about their journeys really excites me, which is probably why interviewing people like this is a main feature of GinaHainesTV.

Being with people like this is not the only thing that excites me though! I have my own dreams and passions to follow as I journey home to the heart of myself too.

I love helping people come home to their authentic selves and see this as a big part of my purpose in life. It is a dream of mine for people to unveil their “good/glow” and grow it. I follow this dream through in my work.

I believe in doing my part to lift the level of joy in the world. I believe in a world where the energetic vibration is higher and people feel good about being who they authentically are. I follow this dream through by being true to my authentic self as often as I can.

I believe that being authentic to my self means knowing who I am and is one of the most important things I can do to help myself to follow my dreams and path in this world. Knowing who I am and how that affects what I do enables me to understand why I do what I do, when and how I sabotage and what to do to reframe situations by shifting my focus, so I can redirect and continue to follow my heart, dreams and desires and make them happen.

I believe having clarity around my passions, desires and dreams gives me the impetus to follow through and the confidence to help make them happen. Having something to believe in gives me the compulsion to keep going when it gets tough and to follow through, because the cause is greater than the current effect.

I believe that being aware of my passions and what I love and brings me joy, is one of the best starting points to actually making it happen, and this comes with self-knowledge. 

Knowing who I am and being true to myself, means I show up for my self and what I want.

Now you know my heart’s desires and how I follow them in my daily life, I’m curious, did reading them spark any insights for you about your own heart’s desires and how you follow them or could follow them more in your daily life? I’d love to hear them in the comments below.

And as always I hope you have spectacular day and a super new year chasing your heart’s desires.

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