The Love Wrap


This morning in my meditation I felt the wrap of love. Initially it started with an image of my blue portal painting and then waved into a pink haven. I often think in colours especially when I’m meditating. I think this is called synesthesia - which may make me a synesthete! Regardless of that - this is what happened for me this morning.

My meditation began with the usual breathing to calm and quiet my mind - my version of the Wim Hof technique ;) and then progressed into a mind-battle between the jobs that needed thinking about and doing when I was finished, and the state that sits beyond the space of the space of the space. Traversing in the space of beyond, for me, is a peaceful, floating sensation and often comes with a flood of colours. Sometimes the colours merge into each other and other times they are quite separate. Today when I blessed my heart centre I was overwhelmed by a rich, pink colour which gave me the feeling of being wrapped up. It felt warm and safe. I want it again and again and again.

I wrote this Love Wrap poem afterwards.

Wrap me up pink love

Tell me it’s safe

Take me to that place of peace and keep me warm there.

I give permission to be led to planes of delight - alone and with others -

I invite and embrace the tiny or big moments that show themselves as my truth.

Flow over me pink love

Hold me.

I will know

I can receive.

Let me float and wallow in your wrap.


Do you ever see/feel/think when you meditate?

Have you ever had an experience where you feel as if you go beyond yourself during a meditation, or in life?

I’d love to hear. Have a wonderful day.

Gina xx

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