3 simple steps to a better night's sleep

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At the end of the day as I lie awake in bed, my mind usually races around reviewing the day, the next day, next week and so on.

Last year I met someone who gave me a piece of advice that I find really useful, especially when I am lying in bed, wanting to go to sleep, but my mind is still zooming. It’s a gem of wisdom and when I remember to do it, it always helps me to get to sleep quickly and have a better night’s rest. Here’s the share…

Do these 3 things:

1. Think of 3 things you are grateful for from that day.

2. Think of 3 things you did that day that you can pat yourself on the back for.

3. Think of 3 things you could ‘park’ until the next morning.

The first two are beautiful ways to acknowledge the day that’s been, but it’s the last one that’s the clincher for me, it seems to let me release, and comforts me in the knowledge that tomorrow I can pick up where I left off without worrying about losing the moment or the momentum.

I know that whenever I do these 3 things, before I know it I’m off to sleep.

I’ve kept this blog especially short to give you extra daylight productivity time so you have a bit spare to practise this tonight.

Have a great sleep!! zzzzzzz :)

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