The Art of Mojo Mastery

My 2019 New Year’s message to you is to get into 2019 with a vigour and heartiness that you haven’t had or felt for whatever reason for however long. Make this the year to find and master your mojo and seek your heart’s desires. Do the stuff you think about doing!

Ages ago I painted a painting - ‘My bowl is full of good stuff’ where the ‘bowl’ is held high in my hand.


I have used this painting many, many times in my work to describe the kind of ‘good’ things that go in my bowl…

Most of the time I use it to illustrate who I am and what I stand for.

Have a go - ask yourself who you are and what you stand for and what words you’d put in your ‘bowl of good stuff’. What did you get?

Let me know if you want to - I love this kind of ‘good stuff’!!!

I have to say my ‘bowl of good stuff’ is pretty fabulous in many ways - but it does need some work in other ways...  

Something I’ve noticed, is that it seems that time is flying by so much faster these days and unless I plan to make things happen, suddenly another week, then a month, and then helloooo another year, has passed by with me still hoping to do this or that… So, my pledge (made with passion and enthusiasm), is to… (drum roll please…)

Let 2019 be the year to make ‘good stuff’ happen with zest!

I know that in order to get where you want to go to, you have to know where you want to go. Eg. You don’t just rock up to the airport and look up at the flights and pick a destination (although this would be quite fun and I’d be up for it - as long as I was a bit prepared - just saying…). So, using the airport analogy, knowing what you want is a major player in this equation and a solid platform to spring from.

So, on New Year’s Eve day, my daughter Ballantyne and I began an earnest review of 2018 in different areas of life - work, health, love and fun - (We used Mel Robbins’ 2017 year in review worksheet available from her website), and after some serious soul searching, a couple of coffees, lots of sea and boat-gazing, a tiny bit of sunburn and considerable reflecting, I’ve come up with a mission statement which will act as my 2019 guideline. Here it is… 

In 2019 I will do things I want to do, when I want to do them and with whomever I want to do them with!

(NB: I have to attach an eensey, teensey caveat of; whenever possible - to cover the exceptions when and where I have to do other things - like cleaning the toilet or doing the washing…) The point is - If you get my drift here - I want to not just LIVE 2019, I want to MASTER it!

In order to Master 2019, some things will need to change. I will have to create my best year yet with intent.

I have already begun. My beginnings might work for you too..

My Mojo Mastery list for 2019 has an outside-inside focus.

Here are the beginnings…

1. Shift energy… Outside

·      In environment: I’ve been feeling my house has been cluttered - probably not helped by the presence of the beautiful and large Christmas tree still up and things squished to accomodate it, so yesterday I rearranged all the furniture in my dining room and lounge, which gave an instant shift in energy and it feels great! New Year, new look, new feel, new energy! Look around - what does the energy feel like in your surroundings? Can you identify what makes you feel ‘down’? What you could do to rearrange/de-clutter your environment? I recommend doing it!

·      In body: Eat, drink and move with intent. Listening to my body helps me find and do what works for me. Moving my body every day as I dance Nia, rejuvenates my soul. I suggest putting on some music and moving around to it - connect with your inner spirit and let your femininity rise up and into the world! Like bread? Then eat it. If it makes you feel bloated then make a choice… with intent!

·      In mind: Awareness is key here! Recognising when I get reticent to follow through and do things, means it’s time to recalibrate and tame my negative thoughts and move through them to move on! My best way to keep centred and moving forward is to meditate daily. Currently I’m loving Dr Joe Dispenza’s ‘Blessing of the Energy Centers 111’ meditation).

2.     Shift focus… Inside

·      In environment: When something goes down in a not so fabulous kind of way for me, I reflect on my part in it and my response/reaction to what’s happened, forgive myself for feeling the way I do about it, make peace with myself  and accept - so I can make my way to SELF-LOVE!!!

·      In body: Think and feel with intent. Intentions are behind actions. To get where I want to be I have to know what I want, be mindful and practice my intentions. And if I muck up my own standards, then I need to be kind to myself, make peace, forgive and move on quickly! 

·      In mind: What I think and feel matters - what I choose to focus on impacts me and my decisions all the time. I consciously endeavour to nourish and replenish my self through the words I think and say, to spread love, joy and happiness. Words are the language of the soul. I suggest listening carefully in a non-judgmental kind of way - just like an observational, research scientist - to yourself and the stories you tell yourself and others. How do they make you feel? What you say matters - after all you are always listening, so you hear it and we know that what we perceive we believe!


Do you know the parable about the Cherokee, the wolf and the grandson?

It’s here in a section from my book You-phoria: The Art of Authenticity and relates to the power of the words we speak.

Powerful and interesting isn’t it?

As is this gorgeous image related to the proverb, drawn by my daughter Ballantyne, and loaned to me to share with you here!


So… What kind of year do you want 2019 to be?

If you’re like me and want to master your Mojo and seek your heart’s desires, then get going and create your own ‘Destination Point’, mission statement or guidelines, or whatever works for you and start making decisions that get you closer to what you want and Mojo Mastery!

Have fun, play more, laugh lots and love with all your heart.

Happy 2019!

Gina xx

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