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How often do you take the time to appreciate and acknowledge your self? And bask in the warmth of self-love? I bet you share the love with loads of others, but do you hand it out to yourself in bucket loads? Well, this week I have a couple of ideas on how to give your self some SHINE and ways you can step into and OWN your gorgeousness! Now is your time! …and I say if not now, then when?

I talk a lot about authenticity and this is something that for some of us is hard. Even me! We are conditioned to put on a brave face and not to show our true and authentic selves at times to the world for fear we won’t match up with the external appearances of how we are supposed to look and be. To be authentic takes courage; authenticity is a courageous act. In my book You-phoria: The Art of Living Authentically, I wrote; “Unless we have the courage to ask ourselves challenging questions (the kind that venture beyond the veneer, or the surface) and listen to the responses with openness, kind-heartedness, grace and understanding, our lives will be static.” (p.70)

Authenticity comes from transparency and requires courage and vulnerability.

Courage - to be prepared to go into our minds and examine our thoughts, the feelings within our bodies, and both our lived and imagined experiences, to become aware of and notice the way we relate to our selves, so we can build a bank of knowledge about our happenings; and vulnerability so we make choices and take actions that can lead to accepting our selves unconditionally and accessing authentic self-love. (By the way I have just outlined my 5 steps to Authentic Self-being and Happiness and if you want more on these and how to apply them to your life, I have a new course on offer. It’s called Monarch and you can get it here).

It’s tempting to fall prey to wanting to have the ‘perfect’ lives we see created through the images in magazines and portrayals in movies. The ‘perfect’ romance from beginning, to middle to happy endings… the ‘perfect’ bodies, the ‘amazing’ life-styles… who wouldn’t want such ‘perfection’? But this kind of ‘perfection’ has a hefty price tag (and I don’t just mean money) attached to it, it’s hard work to maintain a shiny veneer, and it is finite. What is not finite is a sense of self, where acceptance and self-love become an integral part of life - vital and fundamental to living your best life!

So how can we find real self-love in today’s society where we are constantly shown images where we are invited to compare ourselves to the ‘perfect’ ones and to live up to this world?

I believe in order to access this self-love, it is our soul or our spirit inside that we need to feed.

Yes, it really is an inside job!

I am a personal development addict. I am always reading books and watching videos that encourage me to look inside and seek love from within. Heck, I even wrote a book about it! ;) I am an advocate that if something doesn’t work then you make a choice and take action and if you need to (and want to) make a change, you do it. Sometimes if the change required is just too great at that moment, I don’t make it. I know I hold myself back for what I know is too long sometimes, before I take action. This is my choice and an exercise in free will. I am not perfect and I am doing the best I can to honour myself. I encourage trusting my inner self, the authentic me, my soul, my spirit, and I seek answers from my inner wisdom, from Source. I sit with myself, I go inside and I ask the questions, and whilst I don’t always follow the answers as well as I might, when I do I have some of the most amazing experiences in my life.

It sounds simple, but it’s not always easy. Authentic self work can be challenging and confronting, however on the other side, liberation and empowerment await you!

Try this exercise to connect with the heart of who you are (your soul or spirit)…

Sit quietly somewhere and imagine one of the most positive things you can about your authentic self. Sit with this for a moment or two, then imagine seeing that most positive imagining of your self magnified on a HUGE TV set. Now, take yourself to a mirror and look at yourself in it. Imagine as you look at yourself that you are seeing this positive part of the authentic YOU, the one you saw on the TV before, with that most positive thing you imagined reflecting back - glowing and shining at you in all your gorgeous gloriousness. Then consider how you can let that part of you shine true more often, and what you would need to do to reveal, or unveil it, and to re-perceive and therefore change the way you see yourself, thus enabling the creation of a new personal reality. WOW! Hello beautiful YOU! xxx

If you find this mirror idea is really challenging, then another way you can connect to your essence is to uplift others first and use them as a mirror for your self. See their greatness and allow yourself to reflect it back to you.

Whatever method you choose to access some of your self-love, the aim is Authentic Self-being and Happiness.

Love yourself and let go. Viva la revolution! See you on the inside! Remember, BE devoted to YOU first!

When you’ve completed the task above, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below about how it was for you. Did you feel your heart swell with love for yourself from owning your gorgeousness? Do you feel a greater sense of authentic self-being and happiness for having completed this task? Is there another way you witness, acknowledge and celebrate your beautiful you-ness? I’d love to hear in the comments below.

Thank you and as always have a spectacular week xxx

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