Be Mindful What You Wish For and Get Creative.


What are your dreams and desires for your destiny? What do you want to be, do, love and have whilst you are here on Planet Earth?

What do you want most in life? Happiness? Health? Love? Money? Achievement? Or something else?

What’s stopping you from getting what you want? Any of these ring true? Procrastination, self-doubt, finances, self-sabotage, lack of motivation, lack of inspiration, confidence, time, or maybe it’s something else?

Well recently I’ve been reminded that there are things you can do to make what you want happen. I’ve been a part of a series of workshops on the Law of Attraction and thought it timely to ask the questions and share my remindings on how to get more of what I want happening.. Here’s what I know in a ‘nutshell’…

There’s a universal law called The Law of Attraction. You may remember The Secret, first the book, then the movie, which gave this concept voice and visibility several years ago. It was quite the rage for a while and then sort of faded into the ether!

Well, the truth is, The Law of Attraction never went anywhere! It’s been here all the time, in fact, ever since time began even ;) The Law of Attraction is like other universal laws, for example, The Law of Gravity. We are all familiar with The Law of Gravity, its principles and how it works. The Law of Gravity does not decide whether it will work or who it will work for. It is a universal law, and as such we know it is constant and consistent and makes no judgements. It doesn’t review each person throwing something up into the air, let’s say a ball, to decide whether or not to allow the ball to return to earth, does it? If something is thrown up, it will come down, regardless of who or what throws it. It doesn’t look at the thrower and assess their worthiness of whether the ball should return to earth or make any other kind of assessment about them or the ball. We all know that the ball will return to earth - no questions asked. What goes up must come down! It’s the Law. The Law of Gravity.

Well if Gravity is a universal law and so is the Law of Attraction then, why would this not apply to the Law of Attraction too? It does! But somehow, for some of us, somewhere there becomes a bit of confusion and wonderment around worthiness and who deserves what. Questions like… Isn’t the Law of Attraction for ‘spiritual’ people or ‘good’ people or ‘worthy’ people or…??? No! The person doesn’t have to be worthy or spiritual or deserving or be anything at all, except an active Law of Attraction participator (like the ball thrower for Gravity)!

Now you know, this same theory applies to The Law of Attraction. There is no wish that can’t be granted. It’s the Law! Just like the Law of Gravity. I have to say here however, that it’s not quite as simple as just wishing, but in a way, it is just as simple as wishing ;)

Here’s what I’ve learned and been reminded of most recently about The Law of Attraction (from Carol Chessum, see in a very abbreviated form, or “in a nutshell” as I like to say.

Think about what you want. Make a list of things you would love. Then make a choice on one thing that you want/love. Get really clear on what your goal looks like. Once you have clarity then add feelings to your desire/goal to energise the vibration - this gives it potency. Your goal needs to be inspirational to you, something you really want, therefore making it worthy enough for you to want to achieve it.

Once you have the goal clearly in mind with the feelings attached, then, write your goal down in the present tense as if you had already achieved it and in a way that shows your gratitude. It might help you here to visualise your goal and the effects of your achievement as if you already had what you want. Think of this process as if it were a plant in your vegetable garden. Sow the seed, water it and wait whilst it grows. There’s a time involved before you see action and results! Cultivate the quality you want to see happen in your life.

In time, if you follow the process of goal setting, visualise your goals, mindfully focus on what you want, and take action everyday, the Law of Attraction will prevail. It has to!

I have to say here, that for every positive thought there is a positive vibration, just as there is a corresponding negative vibration for every negative thought. Like attracts like. Especially with energy, and we are all energy. So, it’s important to remember, that what you focus on grows. (see my earlier Blogs: Hoarding, Meditating and Gardening and Designing a life you love and The Butterfly Effect).

So, be mindful of what you wish for and get creative. The world really is your oyster!

I know this is a ‘nutshell’ overview and does not do justice to the Law of Attraction course I am involved with, and I have not even touched upon the preparation, reflection or manifestation, however, all in all if this gets you going keep an eye out for our next rerun in November. In the meantime…

Happy goal setting and attracting what you want into your life.

Have a wonderfully mindful and attractive week ;) and if you’d like to share any manifestations or Law of Attraction interactions… I’d LOVE to hear from you in the comments below. xxxG

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