Wake Up Before the Jolt!

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Last week I lost it. Totally! I over-reacted to something I did (and admittedly, yes, it was a silly mistake… but my reaction to it was unnecessarily over-reactive!!

It was not long after this ‘I lost it’ moment that I became aware I had 'lost it' and I was off balance… way more than I thought I was and I realised I was way more unwell than I thought I was! So I took myself off to the doctor and after nearly a week on antibiotics, and lots of swigs of Harkers’ Herbal later (courtesy of my Dad), I have to say I am feeling much better and I no longer sound like Lord of the Rings character Gollum when I cough!

Crazy huh?! I do all this self work and then have to ‘lose it’ before I can see something that absolutely needed my attention - my health - way more than the myriad of other things I had been attending to!

Well sometimes that’s when we need a reminder the most and a 'jolt' is what it takes to act as a reminder to look after our self first. From experience though it’s better to remember first…

Sooo, in this week’s blog I want to act as your self-care reminder before a ‘jolt’ appears for you…

I’ve written blogs about self-care before… remember these ones?

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This week, however, I want to approach self-care using another lens and ask that you do a ‘body-check’. After all our body is always with us and it’s all we’ve got, so we need to look after it!

5 minute 'Revitalising-body-check' begins here…

I suggest you read through the following first before you have a go. Then do it!

Give yourself at least 5 minutes and if you need to, set a timer on your phone or watch.

Find a comfy spot and start by lying down and closing your eyes. Place your hands on your tummy and your awareness onto your breath, breathing so your tummy rises and falls. Observe yourself slowing down as you breathe in. As you breathe out, feel as if you are gently releasing tension or stress, or whatever else you need to let go of, by making a quiet ‘ahhhh’ sound - like a sigh. Once you feel ‘breath-focused’, drop the ‘ahhhh’ sound and imagine there are little white lights bobbing about just at the tip of your nose, and as you breathe in, you breathe in some of the bobbing white lights as well. These lights act like magical love blobs, and as they travel through your body they revitalise everything and anything they pass over, pass by, or land on. (NB: There are plenty of lights for all your breaths so don’t worry about using them all up or running out.)

Keep breathing and sending the white-light-love-blobs throughout your body. Focus the lights where you want to feel invigorated, relaxed, calmed or whatever it is you want to feel - you choose. Imagine that whatever it is that your body needs at this moment, you will get from these amazing little bobbing white lights of love! As you move towards the end of your 5 minute ‘body-check/self-love-light-blob session’, release the white light blobs as you breathe out ready for next time - the love is yours to keep :) Slowly open your eyes and when you are ready to get up, do so and move back into your day.

How do you feel?

Hopefully body-checked in, revitalised, reset and ready to go again. I find this 5 minute refresher quick, easy and revitalising - and I even can do it at my desk if I need to, but I prefer to lie down - it’s more focused for me! Hopefully, doing this 5 minute ‘body-check’ before you get a ‘jolt’, is a gentle reminder to stay ahead, connected to self and on your game!

If you have been neglecting your self-care and like me convincing yourself you were fine, and ‘soldiering on…’, when all the signs pointed to you clearly not being fine… then I hope you try out this 5 minute 'body-check' - and find it useful.

I hope you take a moment (or 5 minutes actually) to revitalise your self and 'body-check' at least once every day for the next week and beyond... and I’d love to hear if you notice a difference in your sense of well-being. I’d also love to know in the comments below, if there are any other ways you use to revitalise your self-care when you need to. Thank you for reading and as always have a great week.

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