Celebrations Galore!

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Celebrations galore - it’s birthday time! I love my birthday and I love celebrating. So, whatever is being celebrated, whether it’s everyday life in all its gloriousness, or a specially designated celebratory moment, I say embrace it!

Whilst I can find all sorts of reasons to celebrate, it seems opportune to have a wee reminder and also do a bigger picture review - not just from a health perspective in light of last week’s lurgy - but also from an OMG “…it’s AUGUST, 2018 already” point of view!

I must say that I did not embrace getting unwell last week... however, it was a timely reminder that listening to our bodies is vital and takes a certain focus that often slips me by, as I get busy ‘doing’ and put ‘being’ aside. Reviewing this and being grateful for my health again, allows me to refocus and find yet another celebratory moment! ;)

So, onto the bigger picture review… and a reminder about being the creator and doing the things we say we want to do that can just seem to slide away with time…

Maybe you need a pre-spring clean up? If you feel that is in order, you may like to read this Spring cleaning to get stream-lined blog, or alternatively way back in January, I wrote a blog about How to follow through on your resolutions and intentions and invited you to make a forecast for 2018 and list 50 of your heart’s desires… 

Can you remember what you did with the list? If you can, why not dig it out and review it? If you don’t know where you popped it, or maybe didn’t get around to actually committing pen to paper and writing it, then maybe now is a great time to create another list. I suggest if this is the case that you set some time aside and just imagine the way you want your life to be. Dream BIG! When you create a list such as this I say the bigger the better!

One of the beautiful things about making a list like this, is that the intention you set as you write it, puts you into a ‘creating’ space - a space where you can imagine the effect to help cause the event. Beautiful huh! Of course this is only any good if you do the work and write the list… ;)

If you haven’t written your list then why not have a go now.

If you wrote your list earlier and have found it from before, then I invite you to get it out and revisit it. If you have fulfilled some of the things on the list, then cross off these items. As you cross them off, take a moment to acknowledge and celebrate your self - and “observe your magnificence”, as my daughter Ballantyne would say.

If you have not created any of the items on the list then, maybe this is a great time to notice some things you have been neglecting or that might need some more loving attention from you - for you - in your life, and perhaps now is as good a time as any to take action. Noticing it’s already August and over half way through 2018, puts New Year’s Intentions from 2018 closer to 2019’s, and, just saying, I don’t know about you but I don’t want to have too many rollovers.

When we become aware of something that needs our attention we can place that need into our ‘intention centre’ and focus on it.

Remember attention and intention. What you focus on grows. Awareness is key! 

My list looks quite healthy - it has quite a few lines drawn through items accomplished (or should I say created). Reading it has reminded me of others that I can focus my energy and attention on, to create my intentions and desires as 2018 progresses along.

So what did you find? Any surprises? What did you learn about yourself?

Are you celebrating your magnificence? Or are you ready to refocus? (or both?)

Do you have any successes you’d like to share from your list?

I’d love to hear from you so I can “observe your magnificence” and share in your celebrations or guide you as you refocus! Have a wonderful August ;)


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