Growing your glow!

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Have you ever wondered how to make your glow grow?

Do you know what your glow looks like? I mean … What even is your glow?

Well… your glow is something that shines out of you! It is the part of you that the world ‘sees’ and ‘feels’ when you are in your flow… and when your vibration is high!

It is the success of you, the star inside, the warmth of inner-sunshine - it’s the moment you recognise you have the light and power of the sun inside you!

It’s the part that you know is you at your best! And it’s not just you who knows it - others do too!

Which is fantastic!

If you want to grow your glow, then first you need to get to know it, and then you need to be able to bring it forward.

It can be much easier to see when others need a ‘glow-lift’ than to see it in your self.

Why? Because, when our glow is dim are the times when we need to be reminded that we have a glow. I know that sometimes I reach a place of overwhelm or doubt and I’ve crossed the finish line before I know I’ve even begun the race (so to speak)! It’s at times like these that I’m not great at reminding myself my glow has dimmed and I need a bit of help to remind myself to relocate it!

Overwhelm and doubt smother your glow and shut it outside in the cold. When you feel ‘down’ or ‘glow-less’, the way back up is to follow the light and reconnect back.


So, how do you grow the glow?

Well… way back in the days when I was a classroom teacher, I’d ‘catch’ my students when they were glowing - seeing and noticing them as individuals, their value and contribution to the whole - I’d identify and grow their strengths - and shine their moments of glory. If you have a child(ren) or staff, then I recommend you ‘catch’ them at their best and shine their glow as often as you can.

Make their glow your focus in communication with them. Then, sit back and notice the changes in the way they glow!

We all have our own glow. We each can shine - bright and true!

Now, back to you! Let’s get down to business then and get to know your glow!

***** I suggest you start by making a list of your five most amazing feats - you’ll know what they are - let’s call this a self-esteem booster list - an acknowledgement of your unique and individual glow and your contribution to the luminosity and radiance of the universe.

Once you have your list then when you feel you need a boost - read it!

As you read... Reminisce and indulge yourself as you recount your shining glow!

Then… Bask in the inner light that shines out of you when you are at your best!

And... Enjoy the feeling and celebrate your contribution to the level of joy in the collective consciousness!

When you lift your level of joy you have an impact on the level of joy of those around you too.

Raising the collective consciousness begins when you believe you can do something and when you have a go. Think of the period before running a 4 minute mile was achieved. Humans believed it was not possible to achieve running a mile in less than 4 minutes. People would try and fall short of the goal - literally! Then one day someone did it! They ran the mile and did it in under 4 minutes. They lifted the collective consciousness! Since then, many people have run a mile faster than 4 minutes and continue to get faster and faster. There is a saying that thoughts become things.

You and your thoughts are that important in the overall scheme of things.

Actually, you are the scheme of things!


Now - a little bit of Extra for Experts ;) …

Link this BLOG'S list up to your top 10 most loveable characteristics

Have a look at the line-up and see if you have any cross-over information… any link ups???

What does that mean for you?

Can you think of ways you can grow your glow and the glow of those around you?

I hope you can and that you do!

Remember… we all have our own unique glow to shine and when we do we contribute our part to growing the global glow!

Have a glowing week!



I'd love to hear about your glowing moments of shining! Leave a comment below or email me and let me know!

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