Motivation, Mindfulness and Making things happen.


I’ve noticed since returning from my travels last week, that settling into tasks is less appealing than snuggling up next to the fire with a cup of tea and the dog. Initially I gave myself the benefit of the doubt and excused my reticence with veiled excuses about being tired, or cold, or how nice it was to be home and how much I missed my dog… and yes, these all had elements of truth to them, however, the reality is that now, it’s time to get motivated back into my productivity and amp up my schedule.  After all there are things I want to make happen!

I know that in order to make things happen I have to place an intention, ignite it and follow through. I find it’s easy to get distracted, so every morning before I get up, I plan my day and usually write a list. This is a good strategy for me and it works, provided I keep the list near me and refer to it and follow it!

On my list for today I have… Jan,  Gas,  Blog,  Mum,  Bank,  Door handle,  Event

So far I have ticked off everything except the Blog - I’m onto it now ;) and Mum.

It’s 4pm and that’s pretty good going! What didn’t make it onto this morning’s list but have already happened are meditation, dancing, washing, soup-making, filling the wood basket, viewing an edit of a work-happiness interview, playing ball with the dog and all those other jobs that when you work from home slip into your day, clog it up, and before you know it, it’s time to leave the office, head inside and make dinner! That’s why I write a list. It makes me feel as though I will make things happen - and I like that!

Motivation comes with a sense of achievement and completion. Half finished means ongoing, and ongoing needs to have an end in sight or I get distracted. Thank goodness for that list ;) Being reminded of what I want to do is a good thing as it helps me to be mindful and focus on the now, but also on the outcome.

Being mindful relates to awareness. Awareness both of being in the moment and also of the intention towards the desired outcome.

This is great when the going is good… but when the going gets tough… and when things turn to custard and motivation is lost and gazing into the fire patting the dog and sipping tea takes over, then this is the time to dig deep and get that list written and start ticking off the items.

Mastering the moment and recalibrating back, is a bit like getting back on the horse after you’ve fallen off… it’s not as easy as staying on the ground but the ground gets hard and cold and damp and you feel better up off it.

Let me give you another example and explain further what I mean here. I prefer to work alone but I can’t do everything so I have learned to delegate, and delegation means trust. Trust is a tricky one for me, as I like to manage outcomes, (I have pretty strong ideas and visions of how I want things to turn out), and so learning when to let go and when to hang on is a big deal for me. For many years this was exhausting, with my adrenals living in overdrive, however, I like to think I'm much more discerning now and willing to accept assistance (especially after years of leading teaching teams).

What I’ve learned, and what I want to share with you, is that when I pick the people I delegate to, I try to match (whenever possible) their unique and individual strengths to be the best fit for the task. That way the best of them can shine through and my high expectations are more often than not met. This is a win-win!

So how do you get to know who can do and who can not do, so in your delegation you still achieve your desired outcome?

By being aware, mindful, observant and building strong relationships. Noticing the essence and value in a person, and honouring it, along with recognising their values, competencies and strengths are great starting points. As is setting the standard. There is a saying “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss you'll land among the stars.”

Setting high standards means there is less room for mediocrity. There are times when I have to accept a less than desirable outcome, but this is not often the case, and I will hold out to make my intention happen. I love things to be great. I want to live my best life as my best self. How do I maintain this and make things happen that fulfil my desires? I take baby steps and know that everyday acts stack up incrementally.

It’s the small things that stack up and help make the bigger things happen. It really is the baby steps or the little things that matter! Yes, the big ones do too, but think about it like this… if you want to lose 20 kilos you have to begin by losing 1 first. I know 1 seems like nothing until the 1 becomes 2 then becomes 3 and so on until 20. Or if you want to run a marathon, you start by running around the block everyday and slowly build up to the big kahoona. Right? Baby steps will get you to the goal. Taking the first of those baby steps and then keeping on going in the direction of your desires is where the shift happens and the desired outcomes eventuate.

Intention and ignition! Know what you want and go after it. One baby step after another. And remember - consistency counts.

It’s the same with everything - from enjoying your work to living your best life as your best self.

So now the Blog can be ticked off today’s list and I’m off to call Mum and then today’s list can be screwed up and flung into the bin ready for another list happening tomorrow.

Have a great day and if you are lacking motivation like I was, then get your own list happening and start taking those baby steps towards making things happen and fulfilling your desires! 

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