Morning Routines - Glorious or Grinding?


Welcome to June my friends! And in the words of Game of Thrones’ John Snow, “Winter is coming” (to New Zealand!). I don’t know about you, but for me, it doesn’t matter how many extra blankets I add to my sleepzone, or how inviting the fire at the other end of the house is - I find it can be easy to feel less than enthused when it comes to getting up in the morning with this colder weather. I want to snuggle back under the bedclothes and sneak a book into the sheets with me. I know that when I do get up, there’s a bite in the air that’s eager to gnaw at my marrow. 

So how does one find the spring in one’s step, when it’s just that little bit more difficult to leap out of bed refreshed and rejuvenated in the mornings? 

For most of us, regardless of our situation in life, the morning is a time precious period - we are usually rushing to start the day’s work, or organise our family into theirs, and it can be easy for our morning routine to become a robotic productivity production line. Even though as conscious thinkers we may make grand plans and intentions for our days and mornings, how often do we actually alter our approach to accommodate the shifts we wish for? 

So, let’s dive a little deeper together, I want you to grab a piece of paper and a pen or pencil (if that isn’t possible right now just join me in your imagination).

Starting with the pen/pencil in contact with the page, close your eyes. Using your pen, ‘walk’ me through your average morning routine, drawing a mark of some kind for each activity and movement your routine includes. A couple of helpful hints here are firstly, keep the pen/pencil in contact with the page, and secondly, surrender to the task - don’t worry about what it will look like - there is no wrong or right way, it is simply a task to climb into the detailed reflection of what you actually do each morning. You can see my example below. Know there is no one way or right way for your image to look.


When you have fully recounted and ‘drawn’ your morning, open your eyes and have a look. Spectacular isn’t it ;) now you can keep it, or discard it, your choice, but embrace this moment while your morning routine is freshly percolated in your mind and have a think, what does your morning routine look like? Not literally - remember it’s not the picture we’re focusing on here, it’s the substance. So, what has your picture surfaced for you?

Blog - Morning Routine Drawing.png

Being mindful to steer the mindship on course with positive musings consider the following; as you went through each detail of your routine, what did you think? Was there anything there that you felt was out of place? Was there anything that sprung to mind that you wished had been there but wasn’t? How much of your morning routine is intentional and how much of it is purely functional? Do you manage to make a mixture of the two and concoct a fabulous morning formula for your combined productivity and well-being? Or do you slink out of bed and fall straight into the habitual grind and then wonder why nothing’s changing? While considering these things, please be mindful to remain in ‘witness mode’ free from self-judgement & criticism. Be kind to yourself, this is an opportunity to grow and elevate your already awesome self. :)

Now let’s move on to feelings, the language of the soul. Is there a certain way you wish to feel in the mornings? What could you do that would make you feel more of that feeling? What kind of day do you wish to have? Is there another way you could be setting up your day to ensure that this becomes a reality for you? Are you trying to pack too much in to your mornings? 

What does your ideal morning look like? How could you add your intentions into your morning routine so that they actually happen? If you have a list that’s overwhelming, consider installing one item off your list into your routine for a week and then reviewing how it went. You may find it was fabulous or not, then when you’re ready, add in the next one - you don’t have to add them all right now! Perfectionists… I’m thinking of  you here ;)

There is a very old saying - if you always do what you’ve always done, you will always get what you’ve always got. Even though we know this to be true, somehow it’s still a little shocking when we visualise and spiritualise and organise to a tee our intended day plans and instead of glorious we just get same old grind. Setting intentions is a great place to start, so fill me in with a comment below, I’d love to know what your intentions are for your best morning routines and I hope you implement them to get the results you desire. Have fun making it happen and keep warm in the process!

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