Unveiling your authenticity to be the best rendition of yourself.


I believe a BIG key to happiness is authenticity.

The thing with authenticity is it can be a bit elusive, especially if you haven't really thought about it.

A long time ago I asked a participant in a work-happiness interview if they were authentic at work? When they responded “What does authentic mean?” I was reminded that we do not all use the same words to talk about the same thing.

To me authenticity is being true to who you are, or put another way, it’s about being the best rendition of yourself.

Learning to be more of who you really are, means learning to ‘let go’ of who you think you could be, should be, would be. Losing the 'you' other people want you to be, means finding the courage to go beyond the veneer, and unveil your authenticity to reveal and be the best rendition of yourself.

Unveiling my authenticity (who I am) means knowing who I am and what makes me me, and is ongoing, with challenges. It’s a constant give and take, a learning and reflecting process.

So, how do you get more connected with who you are? One way is through investigating your perception.

How you see yourself (and others) is based on your perception. Perception is the key to personal reality and is made up of many aspects (eg. past experiences, beliefs, values, behaviours, attitudes, habits etc). The fantastic thing about perception is that just as something can be perceived to be one way, it can be perceived to be another way too... eg. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. It really is all in the way you look at things.

The way you perceive your life to be, is the way your life will be.

Until you unveil and get to know who you authentically are, your perceptions can trick you into believing you are something you are not. So, in order for change to begin to occur, you need to make connections and develop your understandings of why you are the way you are and how this affects what you do. Then you can investigate why you perceive the way you do and who you are, thereby opening opportunities for change to occur.

Knowing why you perceive things to be the way you do, takes some investigation. Understanding why you believe what you perceive takes you deep into the realms of your created 'you-ness'.

Once you unveil your authenticity and link it to your perceptions, this does not mean what you find is always perfect. In your authenticity there will be 'imperfections' and vulnerabilities and the ever-present need to remember to be kind and accept all that is you. However, knowing this and learning to accept and love all of who you are, is enabling and empowering.

Of course none of this matters unless and until you are really interested and actually want to become aware, because if you don’t, you won’t really engage. But once you do, answers are yours for the looking.

So keep going, keep interested and keep being aware and engaged!


My invitation to you this week is to see if you can unveil a part of your authenticity that you have let your perception cloud. Remember, sometimes self-reflection can bring up all sorts of emotions, so please take care to be kind, loving and accepting of yourself as you review your perceptions and unveil your authentic self.

**Can you think of a perception that is not serving your authentic self as well as it could? This may come from a past experience or a learned belief, value, attitude or habit…

Find a quiet spot and spend some time reflecting upon…

1.     The perception

2.     Where it has come from 

3.     How it impacts you and your life

4.     What you could do to change it to better serve your authentic self.

I suggest you practise this imagining and see what happens for you. If you can raise your awareness and make a change to shift a perception that is not serving your authentic self well, then I bet your spirit is lifted and you enjoy your life more than ever!


Have a great week and remember in the end this is all about YOU! Shine true xxx

Gina Haines2 Comments