Hoarding, Meditating and Gardening

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You’ve probably seen those TV programmes with hoarders… you know the ones where the presenter goes into the home of the hoarder and shows very scary images of papers or whatever ‘stuff’ the hoarder collects, piled to the ceiling with a small gap between the ‘stuff’ and the ceiling that the person has to climb over to reach the tiny space they live in? The tiny space that’s usually hidden within the ‘stuff’ like a nest… You get the picture?

Well, when I was meditating this week I worked through some clearing exercises using one of the free, guided meditations on meditation teacher davidji's website and I focused on clearing out some of my old mind stuff so I could let go of things that no longer serve me and bring in more nourishing elements to better serve me at this time. How relaxed and refreshed I felt at the conclusion of this meditation.

You may be wondering about the connection between hoarders and meditation? Well the way I see this is that my meditation reminded me of how tiny things can grow to big things over time. I’m sure that hoarders don’t start out with the desire to live in a nest hunkered down in a corner of their over-filled living room, while their once tiny thing, through gradual addition, slowly engulfs them. Rather more likely is that over time and the slow accumulation of whatever is being collected, having the room for something new to come in gets less and less and creating space becomes harder and harder.

This links to the idea of creating mind-space and another way to think of this is to think of gardening - I know - say what??? Hoarding, meditating and gardening! But stay with me here… Think of when you plant a seed in the garden. First of all, you need to clear out a space before you plant the seed so it has room to grow. Once planted, if you are like me and patience is not a top strength, then a temptation is to dig the seed up to see if it has grown. I know (from experience) that this is not the best way to nurture seed development as digging interrupts the growth and at times halts it altogether. I have learned that once I plant a seed the best thing I can do is to water it, nurture it and leave it trusting that growth is happening - even if I can’t ‘see’ it.

Over time tiny things grow into bigger things.

Knowing what tiny things of yours hold you back or don’t serve you well, and planting seeds that do, means you need to train your brain and start growing good seeds. A good starting place to begin is listening to your language - both to your inner voice and to when you speak to and with others. Become aware of what you say. If you hear yourself putting yourself down, or blaming or criticising, or you notice other negative patterns, clear out a space and replant it with positive comments.

Remember it’s the tiny steps you take consistently and over time, that move you towards the results you seek.

Getting rid of the things that don’t serve you - whatever they are - and replacing them with things that do, means clearing out mind-space consciously so amazing things have room to come in. Stick with the changes and remember don’t dig up the seeds you plant before you see some growth. Hang in there and trust in your choices. You are in charge of your choices and what you plant and how well you tend and feed them will show in what you end up hoarding.

My point here is not really about hoarders and hoarding, or meditation and meditating, or even planting seeds and gardening, but it is that change/growth is not usually apparent straight away and remembering that in order to create change/growth in your life, you need to be able to let go of other things, so there is room for new seeds to grow.

Your mind is your 'garden'. Plant, nurture and tend to it well and you will reap the rewards. One tiny step at a time.

So, start today and let go of the things that no longer serve you well and in their place plant seeds that will support you to live a life you love. Nurture those seeds every day in every way you can think of and then sit and watch your mind-garden flourish. Remember that what you choose to focus on grows. Choose well.

Lets feather our 'nest' with things that work for us and nurture our best 'gardens' for ourselves - to show off the best version of ourselves - our authentic selves.

What tiny things are you ‘hoarding’ that no longer serve you well and you could clear from your mind-space?

What ‘seeds’ will you plant in your mind 'garden' to better serve and nourish where you are currently at?

I’d love to know your thoughts. Let me know in the comments below and I hope you have a great day.

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