Designing a Life You Love

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A few weeks ago I realised that things had become a bit of a toil. One week rolled into the next and there didn’t seem to be much distinction. Now those of you who know me will know that this is not my idea of a life de choice. So I sat down for a conscious reflection.

I asked myself "What do I want to do that is missing?"

I came up with a few things and reconstructed my week scheduling in set times to include the things I wanted to do to get them done. My new week plan looks like this… On Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays I work according to my normal schedule. On Wednesday afternoons I go off-site and plan. On Friday morning I do ‘jobs’ and on Friday afternoons I pursue creative projects. I also scheduled in daily things that can get flicked to the back-burner. Things like; I know it is important for me to dance and meditate every day, so I scheduled them in. Yes it means getting up earlier and allocating time in a way that is directly focused, but it feels soo good when I look back and review the week and see that I achieved the things I said I wanted to. Luxurious? Well why not? They may only seem like little things, but they have already made a difference in my life over the last few weeks, and I know that if I don’t get to do them, then I feel empty.

Living like this is authentic and it is a conscious choice.

Something that also came up when I asked myself the “What do I want to do that is missing?” question was presenting at conferences. It’s been a while since I’ve presented at a conference… with one thing and another, so, after a quick consultation with Google I found a conference on Happiness. The fit felt right, so I popped together an application and sent it off for consideration with my fingers crossed.

A couple of weeks later I received an email that went something like this…

Dear Colleague, I have some good news to brighten your day... I am delighted to tell you that your abstract has been selected...

YAY! And just saying… I am really looking forward to going! My positive feelings about it have highlighted (and reminded me) that being out and about in the world sharing my ideas with others who share similar interests is something I love to do and something that I feel has been missing for me recently.

It is said we are spiritual beings having a human experience and with over 7 billion people on this planet, finding and connecting with others who share your interests is something that’s important to me that I had forgotten to focus on, and it wasn’t until I asked the question “What do I want to do that is missing?” that this really came home to me and I could recalibrate my actions to better suit my desires.

So what now? I need to write the presentation and paper and get ready to go. I’ll keep you posted and (in a way) take you along with me! I also need to continue to stick to my new schedule and be mindful to keep checking in on whether I feel that something is missing. That way, I can 'walk my talk' and continue to authentically live a life I love. 

So, have you got any ‘missing’ things in your life that you could schedule into your week to make them happen?

Ask yourself; "What do I want to do that is missing?"

Have you got any exciting things coming up in the not too distant future?

Have you got any desires that are on the back-burner that you could bring forward?

I’d love to hear from you in the comments below. And if this blog's got you thinking about redesigning your life you might want to check out or revisit these earlier blogs too.

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Have a great week. Gina xx

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