Life in all its gloriousness!


Warning: ‘Polyanna’ moments within!

How often do you stop and smell the roses? Well today I did! I stopped and thought about all the positive things that happen in my life. The things I often (not always but often) take for granted. I decided to make a list and chose 150 to be the number of celebratory items to put on my list… To be honest I got to about 65 easy peasy… and from then on there was a lot of conscious consideration going on. A couple of times I cheated by putting the same thing down twice written in another way - but I pulled myself up and made changes accordingly!

I asked myself why I’d want to cheat myself out of celebrating something… I mean when I’m going to celebrate something why wouldn’t I want to celebrate everything!

Something I noticed was that every win (or positive experience) - big or small - had a whole lot of baby steps to it - things I really do take for granted… things like… my garden. I have a big garden and to be honest at the moment it’s a bit overgrown - it’s been neglected by me as I write and busy myself with my work. Last weekend for the first time in ages I walked around it and was inspired, for a variety of reasons, to sort it out and get it back into shape. As I walked around it, I forgave myself for seeing it as overwhelming - and decided to break it down into baby steps and just start. After a weekend in the garden I now have 2 areas that are weeded, cleared, replanted, watered up and looking tended. Of course this all takes time and it takes energy and yes… baby steps for it to look the way I like it to look.

Why do I like it to look the way I want it to? I love to look out the window or drive into our house and see beauty around me. (Here comes the Pollyanna in me…) I love the life in the garden - the fantails that flit around searching for insects in the trees and around the windows. The growth on the punga tree ferns, the pigeons on the drive collecting sticks for their nests, the bees as they collect nectar for honey, the sun peeking through the trees. There are just so many glorious things.

Acknowledging and appreciating the baby steps and the why, enables me to see the bigger things differently, and it seems, more manageably.

I know I have mentioned my 5 steps to authentic self-being and happiness before, but here I go again… Growing an awareness and then knowledge, then making a choice and taking action gets me to a place of acceptance and love. And this is a place I like to be.

Why not take a moment and write your 150 small thanks and see what rises for you. 

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