Happiness and Work: How to make every day a 10/10

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A spotlight focus in my work is knowing your self-concept which allows you to first see and then choose to follow opportunities to gain your ‘joy of being’ at work (ie. a job you love). This focus, however, is only as good as your knowledge of what you love doing. On GinaHainesTV you will find many examples of people who love their work in the Work-Happiness interviews section. One of the main aims of these interviews is vicarious interaction, where through watching and listening to others sharing their stories about happiness and work, you are inspired to reflect on your own story.

Research shows being happy at work increases the chances of overall life satisfaction and work performance. Danish based company, Woohoo Inc., focuses on Happiness at Work. Their blog is a great read. If you want to, check out their Happiness at work top 10 list by clicking this link here. From Woohoo Inc.'s top 10 list, the biggest takeaway for me is point number 6. “Your happiness at work is your responsibility. Not your boss’s, not your co-workers and not society’s. Yours.” Yes, I also like reading that happy companies make more money, have reduced absenteeism, and that happiness at work comes from results and relationships, and that it takes a focused long term effort from management and employees together to create, however, that your happiness at work is your responsibility is the clincher in the list for me.

In order to take this further and to relate it to what came earlier, you need to know who you are and what you want.

Knowing your self allows you to see and then choose to follow opportunities to seek your heart's desires. Really thinking about and being able to articulate who you are, or what you desire in life, takes reflection, courage and commitment. It takes examining and understanding your self and it takes ongoing application.

My philosophy is I am me and my intention is to be authentic to that. So knowing who I am helps me when I feel unsure and I search for and find ways to work through this – I am reminded of the VIA classification (Values in Action survey) that tells me what my top five strengths are. Another indicator I use is from American psychiatrist William Glasser's choice theory concepts, which put ‘freedom’ and ‘fun’ up at the top for me, both of which I love and create.

Meeting my needs is very important to me – things that as my research suggests make you whole, sometimes become empty and either I forget about them or change them because life is not static and predictable. I am vulnerable. I compromise myself. I make excuses. All this and then I remember I am human and it’s all okay again and then I get back on track walking my talk.

Accepting these things about myself is all well and good, however, I don’t just want to be okay. I want my life to be great, overflowing even! So, I know that if I want to change my state then I need to do something to make the shift. All whilst relating back to getting to know myself and discovering what I like doing and what my heart’s desires are.

Last Saturday I met with world-renowned high-performance coach, Dr. Fred Grosse and his wife. One of Dr. Fred’s pearls of wisdom outlined ways to create a great day for your self, every day. Imagine making every day a 10/10 day! I'm in!

Like me, Dr. Fred believes you are in control of your happiness, 100%. Aiming everyday to have a 10/10 day, Dr. Fred suggests creating a list of things he calls 10’s. 10’s are everyday occurrences that boost your happiness, things that you passionately enjoy and genuinely like doing, ie. nobody needs to convince you to do them. They could be things like coffee from a particular café, or a back scratch, or meditate, or drinking freshly squeezed orange juice, or catching up with someone whose company you enjoy...

Knowing what your 10’s are, gives you opportunities to implement them and take your day to another level optimising and enhancing your life.

Stopping yourself throughout any day and asking yourself what rating you would give that day at that moment is a starting point here, a way to develop awareness and a reminder to implement Dr. Fred's strategy. For example; say you rated your day as a 7/10, then by undertaking an activity from your list of 10’s you have the power to elevate your day. Knowing you can do this enables you to control your happiness by directing your energies, doing things you like doing thereby re-sculpting your day. Of course there are lots of things that are necessary to be done that we don’t like doing (for me, cleaning is not a top choice), but once completed, allows time for something more desirable - like a 10 from your list. If you struggle to write a list of 10’s, Dr. Fred suggests catching yourself when you are enjoying an activity and noticing the experience and adding it to your list.

I know that doing the inside work and getting clear on who you are and knowing why you think the way you do will pay dividends that help you on your path. For some, it will happen quickly, for others it may take more time. No doubt it will happen eventually. Clarity guides vision. Once you are clear, then having the courage to be, do and love authentically will be a breeze. Shine up! It’s all up to you!

Know yourself and Be yourself.

So what do you need to add to your day to make it a 10? What are you willing and prepared to do for your happiness?

Remember Happiness is your choice!

Why not try implementing some of these ideas into your day and see if your levels of joy and happiness are lifted. Leave a comment below and let me know - I’d love to hear from you.

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