Time Sucks and Energy Thieves! How to Deal with Overwhelm and Procrastination


Are overwhelm and procrastination related? I think they can be. But whether or not you do, both can be such time sucks and energy thieves! Here’s what I do when I get overwhelmed and want to break the cycle of procrastination.

First procrastination. MMM! Yes this is a familiar one. I am easily distracted and even though I can create huge works really fast sometimes, I can also spend chunks of time pondering and procrastinating and ending up feeling overwhelmed as a result.

Sometimes it’s because I feel overwhelmed, and sometimes it’s because I am just not sure where to begin. My advice to myself (that is… as and when I become aware that this is what I am doing ;)  ) is to start. Anywhere, on any part of the task. Just begin. And after I have begun I then take ‘baby steps’ (for more on this read How to Reconnect with the Heart of the Matter.) There is a saying “Starting is half done”, and whilst I don’t agree with the half done bit, I do agree that starting gets me onto and often into the task at hand.

I know only too well what overwhelm feels like and if you are like me, when I am working on a project and get behind (and I usually do by the way), it can seem really overwhelming to catch up - and to be honest sometimes I never do. My advice here, is if this is the case (or something similar for you) then breathe and know it’s okay! We are living in a place bound by time and space and weeks roll round really quickly.

I have learned and am now a firm believer, that whatever I do will be right for me right now, and I tell myself, that as long as I give my best shot, with what I have available in that moment, it will be enough. Which is probably why this Maori whakatauki (or proverb) is a favourite of mine    

I ou mahi katou, mahia   -   whatever the task may be, do the best that you possibly can.

In other words, do the best you can with whatever you have 'on board' at that present moment - meaning not everything has to be the way you imagine it could be… as in when you have all the resources you need - including time, energy, money, ducks in rows, all the planets aligned… ;) or whatever else you see as important or required for things to go perfectly all of the time when you are doing whatever you are doing. 

More and more these days I do and go where I am drawn to as I learn more and more about myself, and to trust and follow my intuition. And frankly, some things just have way more resonance with me than others - these are the things I want to focus on.

So, in conclusion, I have no idea if any of this is at all useful or maybe even comforting for you, but it is for me when I am procrastinating or feeling overwhelmed, which is why I am passing it on. :)  

I’d love to hear your solutions for overwhelm and procrastination (if you are okay sharing them with me of course).  Have a wonderful week and enjoy!

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