How to Reconnect with the Heart of the Matter

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The way I see life is that I am responsible for how I live mine. Most of the time I make good choices, although sometimes I don’t. I affect and am affected by my world and the choices I make and realising what is going down when I feel myself going down is the beginning of getting out and back up again!

Here’s how I started putting this in place this week…

1. Gratitude for my body. I went back to dancing NIA after the summer holiday break, even though it was about 37 degrees! Someone called it Bikram Nia, which perfectly captured the feeling!! It was HOT! It was SWEATY! It was FABULOUS! It was INVIGORATING! I felt ALIVE again and back in my body. I love that I can touch my toes and bend myself in half. I love that I can dance like a Princess Bee. I love that music moves my feet and sets me free. I love my body and the way it feels when I move it. Which leads me to point 2…

2. Acknowledging what I take for granted. Lately I have wanted more. More money, more time, more energy, more freedom, more loving, more fun, more me-time to paint, more of this, more of that, basically just more, more, more. I was smack bang into ‘scarcity modality’ and not acknowledging or appreciating all the amazing things I already have going on. Stepping back and seeing what I was receiving and not acknowledging, made me realise that I was taking heaps for granted. Stopping, seeing and honestly recognising what I take for granted has taken me to a place where I feel less stuck - it is like an unsticking of some of the gunk, helping to release that ‘scarcity modality’ I was settling in to…. Which leads me to point 3…

3. Allowing myself to graciously receive. I realised I have been turning away acts of kindness and generosity or thinking I have to repay with similar acts - like re-gifting with reciprocity. I am often the ‘giver’ and learning to receive is hard. I believe in giving and I’m always offering what I know in ways to serve that could help others (helllooo you are reading a blog about this here!). Graciously receiving… leads me to point 4….

4. Practising a daily ‘mindful’ practice - every day I meditate. Sometimes it’s a full-on Kundalini style meditation (thankyou Sally Hope whose next 40-day Sadhana starts tomorrow), and sometimes it’s a mantra to music, other times it’s meditative breathing… actually doing it every day is what makes it so integrating and connecting. Sometimes when I climb into bed at the end of the day, I realise, as I recap my day, that I haven’t meditated. I get out of bed and go into another room and just do it. It would be easier not to, but my commitment is to honour myself in this way and so I do it. I know the results and the benefits so I do it… which leads me to point 5…

5. Taking baby steps and celebrating each one along the way. You don’t get up to the top of the ladder by missing all the rungs in between. You need to take one step at a time. And celebrate the small and the big wins as you go. There are many times on my ladder where I feel like I take 2 steps forward and 1 step back and other times it feels like 2 steps forward and 3 steps back, but there are also times I take 3 steps forward and no steps back. I know if I keep chipping away I’ll get there. Think about how humans move from being rollers, to crawlers to walkers. Most of us moved through these baby steps to get to where we are now. We didn’t just decide when we fell over that walking wasn’t for us and we would choose to stay being a crawler. Most of us are walkers now. And we’re walkers because we kept doing it. Doing something we wanted to do. We showed up and just did it. Life’s the same… every step (big and small) is a step closer towards whatever we want and wherever we want to get to - if we take it. Setting daily intentions and checking each day to grow on the day before, helps to see (and celebrate) the baby steps as you take them and gets you up and climbing.


And that’s what I’ve found has got me back on my game this week. Reconnecting with the heart of the matter and back to my heart. By continuously exploring what is happening for me, I grow my ‘insider knowledge’ and get closer to what I am seeking in this life of mine. I get alive in my body. I illuminate my desires. I get excited by my life. I get empowered and reconnected with the heart of the matter.

Getting to know who you are and how that affects what you do are really important in getting to the heart of the matter.

Seeking to find places where life feels good and it’s what you want it to be, depends on what you do and how you see your self.

Need a nudge? Sometimes setting the intentions is the easy bit and it’s the follow through that feels like an uphill battle.

Let me be the wind at your back pushing you towards your desires and intentions for 2018. Join my Accountability Buddy system before it closes tomorrow and together we’ll reconnect with the heart of the matter.

Join Me.

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