How to follow through on your resolutions and intentions...


If you could do any thing with this one precious life, what would you do?

Is this the way you live? If not, why are you not living in this way now?

Is it fear that holds you back? What are your fears? Do you disguise your fear as practicality? Or is your fear disguised in some other sneaky way that convinces you it’s not really fear but something else?

Identifying your fears and why you think you fear them, can help you to address what is holding you back, allowing you to seek ways to overcome them.

One thing’s for sure… If you want to do something you’ve never done before, then you’ve got to do what you’ve never done! After all, if you always do what you’ve always done, then you’ll always get what you’ve always got. The same applies to having what you’ve never had, you’ve got to do what you’ve never done. You have to do things differently.

It’s easy to make resolutions and set intentions, but often these fall by the wayside pretty quickly. So where to start to make lasting change? Here are a couple of suggestions for you to consider asking yourself…

 1. What are you waiting for and why?

Setting intentions as to what you actually want in your life and why, gives you opportunities to take action that will get you meeting your heart's desires. Getting clarity and knowing what you want in your life is a great start to getting there. It's so easy to forget to remember the changes you wanted... Awareness is key here... Setting intentions and creating a really vivid vision of the way you want your life to be is one step closer to it happening.

2. What do you do with your time? How are you making the best use of each glorious day to get you closer to your heart’s desires?

My Dad has a saying that the one thing we all get the same amount of, is time - as in there’s twenty four hours in every day and sixty minutes in every hour - no matter who you are, what you have or where you live.

Applying my Dad's ‘time’ philosophy to your every day living and aligning this to setting your intentions to get your heart’s desires, means planning and allocating space in your life to complete what you want and not just relying on what I call the ‘theory of hope’. This will bring imaginary living closer to reality and mean you are many steps closer to actually achieving what you seek.

3. What changes do you need to make?

Changing things in your life is not always easy - it takes courage and intention, persistence and determination. I’m sure you’ve heard the story of Sylvester Stallone and his journey to achieving his heart’s desires. He imagined what he wanted and then determinedly sought it with his actions.

4. How will you feel when you achieve your heart’s desires?

Attaching a feeling or emotion to the end result is another key in your creating phase. Emotions enable us and empower us when the going gets tough. They remind us of what we want and what we don’t want!

Try the following task to put these suggestions into action… and create your forecast.

Find a quiet space, grab a favourite beverage and something to write on and with. Rule your page in half. On one side respond to the first question - do all 50... and on the other half of the page respond to the second... all 50... and yes I really do mean 50... and I know... 50 seems like soooo many... but I find the last 5 are the most revealing...

1. What 50 things are your heart’s desires in 2018?

2. Why do you desire them?

Once you have identified 50 of your heart’s desires, read over your list and imagine what your life would be like if you experienced them. Feel the feeling... sit with it and then ... ask yourself

3. What are you prepared to do to get there?

If you imagine yourself already there and feel the feeling (creating the intention and attaching the emotion) and get very clear on what you want and why you desire what you do (no judgements here), and then take action consistently to make them happen, then this is an enabler to creating the end result. If you focus your daily decisions on your intentions and live into them, then I believe you will attain them. Universal forces will be on your side and you will create the forecast you intend!

If you find yourself struggling then, ask yourself if you’re 'doing' and 'living' in a way that is congruent with the way you think you are ‘being’ in the world? Ask yourself questions that challenge you, and really review your self to see why you do what you do, and if the way you're living is working for you and moving you closer towards your heart’s desires. Ask questions like… What am I doing when I’m not doing what I think I am doing? Listen to your inner-voice and take heed. It’s easy sometimes to fool ourselves and lay blame to others. Really considering our self (warts and all), can provide great learning and leaps ahead. Acceptance and love are keys here to moving forward.

So why do all this inner work??? My guess is that at the end of the day we are all in the pursuit of happiness. In order to find solace in our pursuit, knowing what we’re looking for means considering what the result might look like...

Recently I heard a fantastic definition of happiness. I was in Sydney and I asked my taxi driver what his definition of happiness was. He told me, “Happiness is being clear about your intentions and fulfilling them.”

So… what is your definition of happiness and what are you doing to live it?

What are your heart's desires? What will you do to make changes in your life towards reaching them? What actions will you take to create change? What are prepared to give to yourself and to others in 2018?

Set your intentions!     Make Your Decisions!      Create your forecast!      Live into YOUR life!

I believe every moment and every day is a new beginning, so why not begin every day the way you begin a new year - by setting resolutions or intentions to seek your heart’s desires and reflecting on what you want for your life.

Are you living in such a way that is moving you towards the vision you hold for your heart’s desires?

If setting New Year’s resolutions are your traditions and making changes is what you want to do, then is this your time? Are you ready? And if you say MMMmmmm… not yet … then ask yourself - if not now, then when?

Here's to your best ever year - 2018 - lets get into it!       Enjoy yourself!

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