The Power of Accountability


How has your 2018 begun? What intentions or New Year’s Resolutions (NYR) did you set for yourself? Are they happening for you?

It’s about now that NYR start to drop off - you know - the strong start with the not so strong finish… That’s okay because that’s where I come in and shine a light for you ...

Sometimes we need a helping hand - a reminder to get things going... I know I do! I have a gym membership and every week I go to the gym. I never go and train by myself though. I only go to the gym when I am training with Trevor, my personal trainer. Trevor pushes me to achieve in areas that I would prefer to avoid - even though my intention is to create change. It’s not like he does incredibly different things, but he’s there for me and he encourages me, and pushes me to pick up my game and follow through. Plain and simple - if I didn't have Trevor I would not train the way I do. I know this about myself. I know there are times when I need a motivator beyond myself, and that is the way I’m reminded of what I want to achieve but find difficult to stay on track alone with.

Are you like me here? And... how does this relate to your NYR?

Did you know that sharing your intentions and heart’s desire is one way to help you gain their fruition?

In a recent blog, I asked a series of questions to guide you in creating your 2018 forecast. If you missed it then, check it out here...

They were questions like... If you could do ANYTHING with this one precious life, what would you do? and Are you living in such a way that is moving you towards the vision you hold for your heart’s desires? 

So often we give lip service to these kinds of questions and we take it for granted that there will be a tomorrow, and even a next year - to reset the New Year Resolutions once again ;)

Acting on your intentions is something you owe yourself right NOW. Trust me… if you get ‘served’ with a moment that brings you face-to-face with your mortality, you develop what Brendon Burchard refers to as “mortality motivation” like never before! Suddenly you're aware that "I'll get around to it" may not always be an option. Not so long ago I was 'served' just such a moment and it caused me to reflect on lots of different areas in my life and take action. Old age is a privilege and one that isn't awarded to everyone.

I am not perfect and I still have more action to take, but I am making progress and things are happening as a result of the intentions I am not only setting, but actually following through on.

Learning to live your best life as your best self NOW takes motivation, courage, resilience and persistence along with a huge dose of follow through. It often seems so much easier to go with the flow and not rock the boat, or go to a job that means less to you than you want or hoped for. I get it, it’s easier. But what if there’s a better way? Assuming we only get one shot at this earth round, are you doing everything you can to really live the life you desire?

What does really matter to you? What is important in your life?

Remember sharing your intentions and heart's desires is one way to help you gain their fruition.

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