Why can other people’s moods be so affecting?


Ever wondered why it is that you can be going along as happy as a King, or Queen, and then someone comes along and BOOM, before you know it you’re feeling flat as a pancake? Or… conversely the feeling when you walk into a room and there’s a really happy person who just seems to ‘lift’ the level of joy, and hanging around them just makes you feel better...

Well, there’s a reason for this. The effect of others’ moods has been shown scientifically by HeartMath’s experiments to reveal that human heart signals can be ‘received’ many metres away from the person who is sending the signal.[1]

I believe that there is a presence or force larger than us all (metaphorically speaking), that connects us as one. A connected consciousness, if you will. Collectively we are connected, and it is through each one of us, that we present what we bring to the connectedness. What I see, is that whilst most of us have an idea that things connect, we may not be aware of our extended connectivity – and how we impact on each other.

Imagine then, what we could do for ourselves and our environment if we consciously connect to the energy we put into the world. Conversely if we do not, the effects could be diminishing to our own existence.

So what to do then? Let me share with you a way to shift your consciousness... Next time you feel a shift in your mood as a result of an encounter with someone else (either up or down), stop and grow some self-awareness around what is happening for you. Then, to that awareness, apply the self-knowledge of connectivity. Ask yourself what will work best for you, with what you notice is happening. You've got choices - you can choose to react or to respond or to accept the moment as part of your contribution to the collective consciousness. Whatever you choose, take action on your choice. Accept your action, and let your acceptance be from a non-judgemental place of appreciation, gratitude and/or forgiveness. That way, you can then 'bridge' to a place of self-love, peace and happiness.

This process outlines my 5 steps to Authentic Self-Being and Happiness and can be applied to pretty much any situation to grow your self-awareness and self-love.

Knowing who you are and what you are putting into the world enables you to make changes if you want to. By embracing and accepting the change you want to see, you become the agent of change.

Reflection time… Ask yourself… What kind of energy do YOU want to be responsible for putting into the world?

Next time you want to change the way you feel, try my 5 steps to Authentic Self-Being and Happiness process and see how it works for you...

1. Self-Awareness   2. Self-Knowledge  3. Choice/Action   4. Self-Acceptance   5. Self-Love

You manage your energy and what you put into the world. Your intentions matter. Your contribution matters. Being aware provides you with opportunities to make changes. Remember: Just as we can create the world we see today, we can uncreate it as well. Change is an inside job!

 Go on and try my 5 step process - I'd love you to leave me a comment below... and Happy Encountering.



[1] Childre, D. L., Martin, H., and Beech, D. (2000). The HeartMath solution: the Institute of HeartMath’s revolutionary program for engaging the power of the heart’s intelligence (p. 33-34). New York. HarperCollins.