Stress Responses, Awareness & Creating Change

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The day began with a couple of irregularities... an unscheduled drop-off and an early appointment. Both went well. I returned home, settling at my desk to write. So far, so good. Then my phone rang. I was told something, that changed the moment for me and needed my urgent attention. Instantly I moved into a different zone.

I jumped up, initiative activated. Dog away, lock the house, jump into the car, no time for shoes. Momentum, resilience and courage melded to the fore in the moment. This time, it was a medical moment.

I know that when I respond to a situation, I leap in and trust I’ll know what to do, and so far it’s been a good response rate. Not that I want to test this, (just saying), and become a paramedic or anything! Most times like this, I go calm and move into ‘sort’ mode. I’m not always gentle on those around me, mind you, and have been known to bark orders and snap at people if they are in my way! I know that this is a stress response of mine!

Knowing how we deal with stress, or how we don’t deal with it, can help us to manage situations when they arise. The more we know how we respond to life’s curve balls, the better equipped we are to handle them. This doesn’t mean they don’t affect us, or take us by surprise. What it does mean, is it makes us more aware of ourselves in the moment, giving rise to making changes, if and where we see necessary.

So, for me in this moment, by engaging my awareness and knowledge, I avoided snapping at the people around me, and instead treated them with compassionate respect. This heightened awareness comes from flipping the lens back onto myself and reflecting on previous stress related responses, where I wished I'd acted differently.

Plugging into my awareness and growing my self-knowledge, enabled me to witness the effects of my deliberate and conscious actions in the moment and create change.

Using awareness to change response patterns within ourself, allows us to grow self-knowledge, make choices and accept responsibility for our actions. We are always responsible for our actions, and doing the best we can in each moment, is always our best option. Knowing these options can be changed is empowering. Changing your responses comes from changing your reactions. This is awareness, knowledge and intention driven.

Fortunately, everything worked out well, and later as I lay in bed, re-running over the day’s events in my mind, I succumbed to an overwhelming sense of satisfaction, which washed over me. I snuggled down to receive the sleep waves that wanted to envelop me, like an exhaustion veil, and woke up this morning ready for the next challenge that crosses my bow. Are you ready for yours?

A few thoughts to ponder on... let me know what you think in the comments below...

What do you know about your stress responses? Is there anything you might need to be aware of in the way you respond, so that you can continue to do and be the best you can be in each moment - even when life's unexpected surprises crop up? 

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