The ongoing endeavours when choosing courage over comfort


Before I left my lecturing role at university, I spent a lot of time weighing up staying over leaving. As with many of the BIG decisions I’ve made in my life, my decision boiled down to choosing courage over comfort. Today’s blog reviews how I make these choices.

Comfort feels snug and smoochy. Comfort comes wrapped up with its very own safety net. It’s warm and nourishing (a bit like wintery foods - where I know they’re not always good for me, but they feel nice, easy, replenishing). Courage on the other hand feels sexy. It’s scary and has an edge, a sense of the unknown, a freshness and an uncertainty gripping its side.

I love courage, like I love curiosity, but it comes with its own agenda, intentions and set of expectations. I revel in its challenges and delightfully rise to the adventure and party it offers. I feel radiant in its glow!

I also love comfort and at times I bask and lounge in the warmth and safety it offers, cuddling into its protective blanket. But comfort doesn’t excite me. It doesn’t make me want to get up in the morning, and it has a sense of complacency attached to it. I get bored by the sameness in life - I find routines rigid.

Of course, there are times when comfort wins hands-down over courage. Times when it shrouds me seductively to do less, keeping me wrapped in its soft, secure embrace, concealing from me what I'm capable of, or want. And there are times when courage needs to step up and flick comfort aside, so I move forward and jump into life "right up to my armpits" (Ken Rowe's work-happiness interview). 

Working out which one to choose and what to do when, is a negotiation I often have with myself. But I always come back to who I am and what I seek in my life.  And I always land on my authenticity and my intentions!

Courage doesn’t have to arrive in the form of a great BIG decision - like leaving work to pursue a dream… it can arrive everyday in many ways. In conversations and offerings. Oftentimes stepping up and stepping into ME, takes more courage than defending another, or another’s actions. I think this is because as a society, we are conditioned to keep the peace, or negotiate a path of least resistance.

There are many times where staying small, or keeping silent, may seem like the best way to proceed, and where making a choice to remain comfortable may help you to feel like you fit in, but this comes at a cost. I know these choices come at a cost to my self, and my aim to live authentically. You probably do too.

Making choices from a place of courage, does not mean that they are easy or happen without incident. In my experience, they are often quite hard and have consequences that are far reaching. What I have found that makes these choices easier and with less incidence, is when I make them from a place of authenticity, a place where I am effectively practising my intentions. When I do this, then finding the courage to be, do and love authentically, sits comfortably. Wooohooo - courage and comfort! ;)

So, my invitation to you, is to be intentional with your 'self' negotiables. Get to know who you are. Know what you stand for and then stand for it. Find the courage you need to uphold who you are, so you can find comfort in what you want to put out and claim in the world.

Step up into today - intentionally - as YOU for YOU!

I hope you have a great day and if this resonates, I’d love to hear.

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