Honouring Self and The Practice of Intentions

I teach about authenticity and being true to who you are, sharing ideas on self-development and ways to live a life of happiness that reflects your true essence.

Why? To honour my self, and to honour your self too. By shining a light on my self, I hope you see your self as special, unique and wonderful too, through my reflection!

In this blog post, I write about honouring the self and the practice of intentions and begin by asking... How do you get to know who you authentically are and live a life that reflects your true essence?

Let me share some of my ideas here with you…

I love fun and laughing and dancing! Oh and singing… actually I love life and living pretty much! I know love is said to conquer all, but fun and laughter are at the top of my mix as big time conquerors too! Love, laughter and fun are some of my main soul-feeders. So, to create what I see as important and to get more of what I want, I need to be aware of my intentions and make them my daily practice. Remember, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again and again and again… awareness is key!

Being aware of YOUR own intentions enables YOU to create a daily practice from a place of authenticity.

Intentions stem from values. When we integrate our intentions with our behaviour then we live within our values. Living by this practice means knowing who you are, what you stand for and what your values are.

Whether you know it or not, your intentions are behind your actions. Your actions create consequences - these consequences are a direct reflection of your intentions.

The way we choose to live is the way we do live. We live out our beliefs, values and attitudes in our actions, behaviours and habits. The good news is, we are in charge and we can change anytime, if we choose to.

Change is hard, it takes work and it takes intention.

To create change, you need to get aware and get responsible. Take charge. Take responsibility to enjoy your life. Stop blaming others because your dreams haven’t come true. Do what you want and get what you want! Go get your vision of success and happiness!

Why settle for compromise and mediocrity? Why not live a life filled with your soul-feeders? Get aware! Love what you love - if you love bananas, then love bananas - don’t love apples because you can afford them or someone else loves them… get to know what your heart desires and then follow your heart’s desires. Get inspired! Go find your gold and shine it up!

BE true to who you are, DO work that works for you and LOVE living your life!

So... How do you get to know who you authentically are and live a life that reflects your true essence? You start by being aware, then get to know who you are, you make choices and take action from a place of authenticity. Honouring your self and feeding your soul in this way becomes your daily intentional practice and I believe it's a great way to live.

Highlighting self-awareness and valuing it, are key ingredients within my work. Celebrating life and living, is an intentional practice for me and one I'd like to share with you. Let me know how you practice your intentions and how you honour and value your self and your life in the comments below.

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