Extra baggage?


Imagine you are a train and the thoughts you carry around are your cabooses. These cabooses are filled with your perceptions of your life, and everything that has happened in it to this point. Let's review the thoughts we choose to carry around that no longer serve us well, and suggest ways to let them go.

First up, it’s good to remember who is driving the train (you are!), and to know what fills your cabooses (your perceptions!). We all have perceptions. They are our reality as we move through life. Some serve us well and others not so much so! Knowing which cabooses to leave at the station and move our trains forward without, is a quality worth cultivating.

I want you to think about this as an idea…

When you become aware of a perception - maybe that’s a belief or a story you have developed out of an experience - ask yourself if it’s working for you, or not. If it’s not, then instead of revisiting that perception again and again, what if, once the ‘thought-opsy’ (think autopsy on thoughts) has been performed on it - that is the “what happened" and "why" etc, a release takes place, so that true forward motion can take over.

Can you think of a ‘thought-opsy’ and release you might be needing in your life?

I know that looking back provides insight. However, ruminating and bubbling stories up, over and over again, and convincing ourselves we are right in what we think and feel, often means we traipse around a lot of superfluous cabooses that don’t serve us well. Justification keeping us bound to baggage.

Too often we carry things around and think about them over and over and over again creating a story bigger than Ben Hur (and that’s big, epically proportioned… massive) - maybe it’s true, maybe it’s not - whatever it is, it is usually very imposing - imposing on our lives as we move forward. One way I’ve found to release a perception that is not serving me well is this: After I become aware of the perception, I grow knowledge around it (where it came from, why it’s important to me etc.), address it as best as I can, acknowledge and accept it as a part of my life and come to peace with it as best I can, and then leave it behind and move forward!

To live in this way is to acknowledge and accept things as they are now, thereby re-empowering myself going forward - without the unwanted cabooses or baggage.

After all, we are powerless to change the past, but we can do our best to grow a future we want to live fully in.

Knowing when to unhitch what isn’t working then becomes a new way to think, feel and live. Consider this as a possible new life practice. Could this approach work for you? Why not try it?

What cabooses and baggage are you carrying around that it might just be time to unhitch, and leave at the station, or that railway siding where unwanted cabooses and baggage end up?

Who knows where you’ll end up if you review your train and its cabooses in this way.

All the best as you lighten your load. Happy travelling!

Have a great day - no … have the best day

YOU matter so… Be true to who you are, Do work that works for you and LOVE living your life.

In Joy, Gina xxx

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