When the Wheels fall off the trolley...


Handling unexpected curve balls... Sometimes we know they are coming and sometimes we don’t! I believe our response to any situation is our choice, as is our reaction.

Accepting this helps me live my best life.

Today the wheels fell off my trolley, which is why this newsletter is a bit different than usual, in that it's a blog not a video! So welcome to my first blog post!

Earlier this evening, I made a decision to pull the video I had planned to air today. It contains music that I found I need to secure the rights to use. So I have held off releasing it. 
When life throws unexpected curve balls my way, one way I deal with these is to first become aware of the situation and my thoughts and feelings towards it. Then to grow knowledge around the options that sit before me, make a choice, take action and accept the decision I make as the best decision for now. I find this enables me to move forward with clarity and confidence as my best self.
Once I say I'm going to do something I hate not following through.
I know this about myself and so, until I’d made the decision to delay the video, I was struggling. Struggling because I felt like I was letting people, and myself, down.
I know that long term my decision was the best decision for me. Does it really matter in the over all scheme of life? No it doesn't! Am I disappointed? Yes I am. Will it bother me for long? No. Why not? I am resilient, persistent and flexible - all traits that serve me well when I need to call on them and I called them in today!

Imagine with me here now that this self-awareness is like a personalised power shield and toolbox. My personal strengths, in this case; resilience, persistence and flexibility - plus a sprinkling  of creative problem solving, are like my personalised power shield. I wear them in my life and they help me handle whatever life throws my way. The things I learn about myself and about life, are the tools that fill up my toolbox. In this case, I was reminded that life’s unexpected curve balls are inevitable, and how we harness them and move forward is what makes the difference.

Doing so from a place of clarity and confidence enables acceptance and as I said in the beginning, our response to any situation is our choice, as is our reaction.
So, I hope you are reminded of your own resilience, persistence and flexibility through my story today and pop these ideas into your toolbox. So next time you receive an unexpected curve ball, why not try out my process and see if it works for you. I'd love to hear how it goes for you if you want to share, please comment below or send me an email. gina@ginahaines.com
Until next time, I hope you have a great week ;)
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