Owning awesomeness… My ways to becoming a Super Human…

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Okay, so I want to be a Super Human. There I said it!

I want to own my awesomeness and really feel the thoughts I think and the words I speak, all the time. I want to walk my talk. I want to use my positive energy as the energiser, and do what I can to lift the level of joy in the world. These are desires of mine. I seek them. I know I do this most of the time, and when I live this way, I feel I am being my best self, loving and living my best life.

Living this way takes awareness, courage and mindfulness.

It’s often way easier to fall into playing a role - usually one that I’m highly trained in with years of experience - a role where I default to a learned behaviour. I don’t like this in me but I know it’s there. I also know that being aware of the parts of me that I struggle with, are keys to getting where I want to be. Only by accepting ALL of me will I get to live in the place I call ‘Destination Point’. This is a place that accepts both the shadows and the light! This is a place I can be SuperHuman!

This week I’ve been gifted a few challenges. I could have spazzed out and spat the dummy and ranted and raved and threatened and blamed. But I didn’t. I breathed and realised no amount of my stressing or underselling, was worth compromising my self. It reminded me of Janis Joplin’s comment “Don’t compromise yourself, you are all you’ve got.”

I was proud I didn’t compromise myself and felt a little SuperHuman in that moment for not retreating to default and instead remaining true to my authentic, highest self.

Recognising the triggers before I default doesn’t always happen. Being aware of my patterns lets me develop my knowledge and foster the courage to take action to create a path to acceptance and love. When I get to these places, then I feel as if I am closer to being a Super Human.

Living from a place of mindfulness (being truly in the moment) I can be a Super Human which comes back to being my best self and loving and living my best life, as my authentic self. I think this is a better angle for me to pursue - being my own version of Super Human not a SuperHuman.

Can you think of any learned behaviours that are your defaults?

Do you ever feel as if there’s a way you know you can BE, that you hold out on from yourself and act in a ‘less than your total self’ kind of a way?

Do you want to be SuperHuman or a Super Human? I’d love to hear from you... comment below.

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