Open or Closed?


Have you ever wondered why some days you feel on top of the world and everything goes accordingly and other days why things just don’t flow the way you’d like them too?

Well here’s what I think…

Your outside world is a reflection of your inside world.

For example, when you are feeling kind/confident/happy/positively engaged with life, then chances are the encounters that you have and the people you meet, read the signals or energy you emit from your thoughts, actions and behaviours as positive. Conversely if you are feeling self-conscious/cross/stressed/gloomy, then the signals you send out are less positively received.[1]

Being aware of your own actions and behaviours is not always easy - especially in the moment. I find it’s usually easier to be ‘connected’ when things are positive. I also know when things are less positive, I can sometimes be quite ‘disconnected’ and these are usually the times I notice a shift in my emotions more easily. This could be my trigger to be more aware...

For me this usually happens when I am being abrupt. My daughter refers to this mode of behaviour as me using my ‘business voice’. Once I had a boyfriend who lived in another city and I hadn’t heard from him for a while and was a bit annoyed with him this day when I rang him. I got his mum (who I’d never met) on the phone and I asked if I could speak with him. I must have been using my ‘business voice’ as she said to me “You’re a bit short aren’t you love?” I thought she must have ESP or something, as even though I think I’m quite tall, actually I know I’m not! I didn’t recognise she was referring to my manner and even went on to ask her, “How can you tell?” Even when I was being directly told I was being short, or in other words ‘abrupt’, I still didn’t recognise this reference.

Being aware in the moment (aka mindfulness), is an ongoing practice and even when we know what ‘disconnects’ us, we can still close down to what is happening around us. Conversely when we’re feeling on top of the world, things usually go accordingly.

The outside world reflects in accordance with our inside world.

Just like a retail shop - if the doors are open for business then customers have an opportunity to purchase. If the shop is closed then they cannot. If you apply a similar rationale to yourself, then when you send out signals and energy to the world that you are ‘open’ (metaphorically speaking), then the world treats you differently than if you send ‘closed’ messages.

Remember change really is an inside job. By reflecting on where you are in your life and asking yourself questions like “What is my message?” you can grow your awareness and develop your self-knowledge on what makes you who you are. Knowing who you are and what you are putting into the world enables you to make changes if you want to. Then by embracing and accepting the change you want to see, you become the agent of change.

Learning how your behaviours affect the reactions and responses for yourself and from others, enables you to make changes to enhance your relationships and actions in the world and the way the world responds.

Reflection for today… Was your ‘shop’ open or closed and how did the world respond?


[1] For more on these topics see my earlier Blogs The Mirror of Life and Why can other people’s moods can be so affecting? with links to HeartMath’s research.

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