The Mirror of Life

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I believe the world reflects ways for us to grow. I call this the mirror, where our outside world reflects our inside world. Understanding what the mirror means can take a lot of reflection!

In order to illuminate the illusions - without guilt and shame - and reveal our authentic essence behind the veneer, takes courage and love. Being aware of what is happening in our lives is the starting point and learning to really see, and then getting to know and realise the effect, is ongoing.

Austrian neurologist Sigmund Freud, claimed that humans project negative behaviours onto others to avoid confronting the behaviour directly themselves, thereby using others to subconsciously act it out.

Think about the behaviours of others that bother you. Do you ever do what they do? Here’s a thought to reflect upon… Maybe that’s why it annoys you…

What you see in others may be something you don’t want to see in yourself. Expressing your darkness is as important as expressing your light. Learning to explore and readjust the darkness in a way that heals you - and is acceptable to the society you live in - is important, if you strive to live a happy and authentic life.

I am not saying, that every time those around us behave in a certain way, that this is a reflection of our self and we are somehow responsible. We are each responsible for our own behaviour in the world. What I am saying is that if someone’s behaviour upsets or ignites in you a reaction, then chances are the root cause of distress will be something in you that needs to be revealed, reflected upon and ultimately forgiven and healed. This is more of a metaphorical outlook and approach than a literal one. As always, whether you choose to do this is up to you.

Moving beyond the annoyance to reach a place of peace means a journey that begins with courageous awareness and continues with letting go.

I also believe that the reverse is true. If you want more of something in the world then be the change you wish to see. If you lift the level of joy in your world then the level of those around you lifts also.

Think of this in relation to a mirror: the mirror reminds me that if I want to make changes in the world, or in myself, I have to start with me. Furthermore what we see in the world is reflected back to us. When you react to a situation, a key to understanding what is really going on - why you react the way you do, what is motivating you at a deeper level - is to ask yourself to go inside. This is the only place where you will find the answer. The world will reflect to you through the mirror of life.

Remember change begins with you, and starts by making small adjustments to what you do and the way you do it.

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