Play and Cosmic Twinkling


It seems that as we get older we are encouraged to play less and less. Phrases like, “Settle down” “Stop mucking about” and “Grow up!” come to mind… Life gets more serious and play diminishes. What a shame! When we’re young, lots of time is taken up with play. We are actively encouraged to play. At primary school we have time allocated especially to ‘play’.

Play is a really important part of life. It is an important way we learn and grow our self-knowledge. Our inner child is a part of us that loves to play. Nurturing our inner child encourages us to free ourselves of our daily constraints and find a sense of play in our life. Maybe for you this sense of play is not actually playing as you did when you were a child (eg. in a sandpit) or maybe it is… but whatever activities you choose to do to find your sense of play through, playing is just sooo much fun! For me, playing is a part of my joy of being, developing my self-awareness and self-knowledge and self-love - a way to engage with my creativity and the artistic parts of my soul - often through painting and dancing and singing and joking about. It’s also swinging up high on a swing and spinning around on a merry-go-round.

What does play look like for you?

If you’re struggling to come up with an answer here - consider this…

What were you doing the last time you felt really content?

What were you doing the last time you laughed out loud and felt joy?

When I was writing my book, ‘You-phoria: The Art of Authenticity’, a friend of mine, Sally Hope, director and founder of Wildhearts Community, ( told me about something her Dad referred to as the ‘cosmic twinkle’. Her dad, a pediatrician, believed this ‘cosmic twinkle’ was something we are all born with and something he could see instantly in a child.

Cosmic twinkling is being at one with yourself - when you feel right at home in your skin. It is your core essence and who you truly are, before society teaches you to be different. Your ‘cosmic twinkle’ appears when you experience your greatest sense of joy, when you exhibit your core essence and Sally’s dad believes we spend our lives trying to find it again.

My cosmic twinkle shows up when I am being my most authentic self. My core-essence is playful and free-spirited. You will have your own way of displaying your ‘cosmic twinkle’ and it will represent the authentic YOU!

To identify your ‘cosmic twinkle’, think back over your life and remember times when you felt as if you were really YOU. Think beyond what you were doing to identify your unique set of qualities, your core essence qualities - the ones that fire you up and make you YOU!

Think about what you loved doing as a child. Maybe it was when you were playing soldiers, or ‘teaching’ your dolls/friends, or constructing bridges and moats in the sandpit… whatever it is, it will be a happy time, a time when you really felt at home in yourself.

This week your mission is to…

1.     Do something that nurtures your inner child (I’ll be heading off to a playground to swing on a swing and spin on the merry-go-round and at dancing I’ll be doing as much turning as I can!)

2.     Do 3 things that bring you joy and make you smile (For me it will be taking time just to dance, paint, sing…)

3.     Do something that you remember loving when you were a child and that you haven’t done for a long time… bring your ‘cosmic twinkle’ to life and have some fun with it. (For me I’ll bring out my free-spirit and playfulness - probably when I’m at the playground)

What will you do?

I’d love to know - leave me a comment below and have a fun week xxxG

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