Begin from within - it really is an inside job.


Last night at my NIA dance class, (big MWAHS to the gorgeous Stephanie DeMay and my other delicious dance partners XXX), the final words in the final song of the evening’s routine were “Peace begins within.” Actually I think everything begins from within - happiness, love, hope, intentions… and so much more…

Starting from within means it really is an inside job! And that means we are each responsible for ourselves, the way we respond and react in the world, and ultimately the way we live our lives.

I choose to live a life I love. I’m creative and find ways to do my thing, and I love it.

Deciding to love your life is your choice and it’s from the inside out. It’s simple but it’s not always easy.

My position here is to get to know your authentic self, own your feelings and what you do in the world, from a place of unconditional self-love.

Is this a selfish way to live? Well, I think that depends on the approach you take. I’m not endorsing a license to become a pain in the neck and operate from a selfish space, doing whatever your ego wants to do and calling it self-love. No, No, No!

What I am endorsing is to courageously look at who you authentically are, and how that affects what you do, with the intention to nurture and grow your self-love unconditionally.

Learning to explore your authentic self and why you respond and react as you do to situations in your life, and to find positive pathways as much as possible, is the place I’m suggesting you operate from. I know things are not always peachy, but I believe, how you manage your thoughts and feelings associated to events and experiences, past, present and future, impacts how you view your life.

I suggest you look after yourself first and liken my stance to the airline safety briefings where we're told to look after ourselves first should an emergency occur, which I think is a great comparison here as the rationale behind this suggestion is if you don’t take care of yourself first, you’ll be of little use to those around you… 

So, back to the beginning… Self-love, happiness and peace really do begin within. Whether you think you need external stimuli to ignite you, or not, living from a place of self-love boils down to your choice - and happiness is optional.

This is your journey - this is your life. Know your self - from the inside out, and then, to your own self be true.

The way we choose to live is the way we do live - choose wisely.

If this all sounds too hard, then ask yourself - if not now then when?

What do you want to work on inside?

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. Have a great day xxxG

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