GinaHainesTV presents 'Project Happiness - The Lived Experience' documentary

Project Happiness - The Lived Experience is the documentation and digital portrayal of several individuals. This project is positioned in a phenomenological approach together with positive psychology measures, the 'Values in Action' character strengths survey or 'VIA'.

The project identifies and analyses how these participants' fundamental self-knowledge effects their life satisfaction within their work through videoed interviews that consider the research question;

How does who you are affect what you do?

The participants are:

Janice Gray - The Performer

Lynette McFadden - The Business Owner

Dianne MacDonald - The Boarding House Director

Sissi Zhong - The International Student Advisor

Wayne Alexander - The Imagineer

Mike Hamel - The Hairdresser

Clem Small - The Possum Trapper

Wayne Twohill - The Ballet Pianist

and me - Gina Haines - The interviewer & Documentary Maker

Project Happiness - The Lived Experience documentary, or digital portrayal, accompanied a written thesis representing analysed data in a visual format. Both components received distinction after submission towards a Master in Visual and Performing Arts degree, awarded in 2011 from Charles Sturt University to Gina Haines.


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